Lefty Guitar Convention 2013 With Jon Way

Lefty Guitar Convention 2013 Left Handed Jon Way

Exciting news for southpaw guitarists across the pond, as our good friend Jon Way has just announced a brand new event aimed purely at left handed guitarists!

The first ever annual Lefty Guitar Convention will be held early next year and will provide an intimate setting where lefty guitarists can share, listen to, buy, and sell southpaw guitars! The event will take place from Friday 1st February to Sunday 3rd February 2013.  It will be held at the Pilgrim Sands Hotel in Massachusetts, USA.  This is a beautiful establishment by the ocean which has its own indoor pool.

Jon will be bringing FIFTY left handed guitars from his own fantastic collection and you are encouraged to bring along a selection of your own for people to test drive.  A drummer and bass player will be on hand at the event to ensure all guitars can be thoroughly put through their paces.  All guitars will be checked in for security purposes. There will be a couple of dealers attending with guitars, and at least one luthier/builder showing his projects.

The price to attend will be $294 US with the option of bringing a partner for an additional $85.  The cost includes two nights stay at the hotel, all meals and an introductory cocktail evening on the Friday night.

As it is the first event spaces are limited to only 22 people and spots will be allocated on a first come first served basis.  Several places have already been reserved, so get in there quick!  Jon requires a deposit of $100 to secure your spot.  Either contact Jon directly at his website (link below) or you can also place your deposit through an eBay auction.

You can get a sneak peak at many of Jon’s guitars ahead of the convention by checking out his YouTube channel :
Guitars With Jon Way

For more information:
Guitars With Jon Way Website 

18 replies
  1. mcarp555
    mcarp555 says:

    Doesn’t this guy know there’s no demand for left-hand guitars? That’s what all the big manufacturers always say, and they should know!

    Seriously, I hope it does well, although it does seem a bit pricy to mainly gawk at his own collection. And I notice no mention of any vendors on hand, which would certainly help.

    • jonway
      jonway says:

      Please keep in mind that the expense covers the hotel, taxes, food, most drinks, PA, lanyards, etc. That’s one of the reasons we did in Feb. Lower costs to all and great views. With my 50 + 21 others with and average of 6 guitars; that’ll give us the opportunity to veiw and enjoy 176 Lefty guitars in one spot. Not to mention the contacts made and opportunites to trade, sell , and buy.

  2. MLJ
    MLJ says:

    Good on him for having a go I say.
    I just hope for the sake of all lefties he gets a decent turnout.
    $300 does sound a bit steep for a single though, even so if I was Stateside you could count me in. Jon make it a travelling show mate & bring it DownUnder!!

    • jonway
      jonway says:

      Your point is excellent. Perhaps Neal can run a survey to see where most of the Lefties are in the world. If this goes well, we’ll have plenty of pictures to share, and could easily see the second Lefty convetntion elsewhere in the world.

  3. Digidog
    Digidog says:

    This sounds exciting! I’m planning on attending. I think it’s about time that we lefty players get some organized events just for us. Also I find $294 quite reasonable for full accomodation; including friday evening drinks….. I guess everything has to start small scale, and this sounds as good as any starting to me. If I can find the time off to go there, I will.

  4. Neal
    Neal says:

    I’ve got to say i’m pretty jealous of those who will be able to attend. Sounds like an ideal weekend break to me!

    If Jon’s YouTube channel is anything to go by i’m sure the video or photo coverage of the event will be amazing, perfect for those of us too far away to join in.

    @mcarp555 Vendors and luthiers will be there.

  5. mcarp555
    mcarp555 says:

    That’s good; I don’t remember seeing anything about vendors. But if any do attend, it will only make the event better.

    I’d like to see more events like the left-handed basses meeting that happened in the UK last year.

  6. Richard Sell
    Richard Sell says:

    Keep your eyes open because early 2013 PureSalem Guitars will open shop …. We will be producing our own brand of retro weirdness and oddball greatness. As the owner of PureSalem Guitars and a lefty myself I know the frustrations lefty’s go through. All our models will be available in left handed and at no extra cost. I think what we will have to offer will make lefty players VERY HAPPY.

  7. jonway
    jonway says:

    I recently read a forum comment about a fellow thinking he’d be “out classed” at the Lefty Convention. Not a chance. That’s what is so awesome about getting this event together. Your playing ability, and the cost of your guitars have NO bearing on this event. Your love for left hand guitars, and the chance to meet, and connect with other guys who share your guitar passion is the whole point. Builder, players, and collectors all in one place for a weekend.

  8. Warren (guitarz)
    Warren (guitarz) says:

    Hey it is a “FIRST”. How about a free tee shirt for attendees? Anyway sounds good to me. The price is fair for the east coast. Lefty from Oklahoma City Ok.

    I can not think any other way. I started playing right handed guitars upsidedown and backwards. I prefer left handed guitars.
    What is the count up to?


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