Lefty Guitar Video Reviews with Jon Way on YouTube

There are plenty of left handed guitar players showing off their licks on YouTube, but there’s a distinct lack of lefty players who make videos actually giving opinions on their guitars.  So I was glad to stumble across Jon Way, a southpaw player whose YouTube channel is devoted to reviewing his HUGE and still growing collection of guitars.  Check him out, subscribe, and enjoy! 🙂

From what I can tell Jon seems to be an independent reviewer, which is great as this means his opinions won’t be biased.  All of his videos are professionally edited and shot in high quality HD with most having the option to be viewed at up to 1080p.  These are easily some of the highest quality videos I’ve seen on YouTube.

In his most recent video he is demoing the lefty exclusive Gaskell Classic II, check it out below – what a stunner!  Also gawk in amazement at Jon’s collection of left handed guitars – wow!

At the time of writing Jon has 46 guitar demonstration videos on his channel, so there’s plenty of inspiration here for picking out your next guitar. Check him out 😉

Guitars With Jon Way

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  1. Neal
    Neal says:

    I completely agree, he emailed me shortly after posting the article to thank me – top man :). He tells me he will be launching a website early next year, I'm excited to see what it is!

    Interesting that you bought a Parker, not too many lefty Parker's floating around! There was a left handed Parker on eBay UK a few weeks back in the shape of the Fly models, very rare and went for a lot. I can't remember the model name but I'd never seen one of those before, had to double take it! 😉

  2. Mark A. Raccuia
    Mark A. Raccuia says:

    Great Reviews ! I , too , stumbled on Jon's sight just searching for any "lefty" guitars. Thx Jon , You're on the radar now my friend , everybody's more & more ! Keep it going…Lefty Power !

    • Neal
      Neal says:

      I particularly liked Jon's latest video where he reviews an Agile 7-string. Got to see his heavy metal side there haha B) For the effort that they put into their videos these guys should have way more subscribers.

  3. Jon Way
    Jon Way says:

    Hi Guys! Thanks for the nice comments. We now have 63 Episodes up on YouTube, so if you’d like to check out any of our Lefty video reviews go to our Channel page and you can scroll throught them all to find something that interestes you. If you Subscribe, you’ll be alerted when a new Lefty reviews is uploaded. Enjoy.

  4. Gradual Taylor
    Gradual Taylor says:

    Jon please forward this to Pixxilixx
    I am a songwriter in the Cincinnati Ohio area. I would like to see if Pixxielix can get to a small studio in his area to play leads against a mp3 of one or more of our new songs on it and send us a wave file of his work. We are looking for the kind of sound that he has when he is just fooling around like on his videos.
    Gradual Taylor 6410 Redbank Rd Cincinnati, Ohio 45213 513-485-7023
    Tell him to google my name and he will know that I am serious.
    Thanks . I am a lefty too but I purposely switched and after a few years it feels natural to play guitar as a righty but i still think like a southpaw, Thank goodness


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