LeftyFretz is 3 Years Old!

LeftyFretz 3rd Birthday

Exactly three years ago today LeftyFretz.com opened its doors in the hopes of making life that little bit easier for the southpaw guitarists of the world.  And three year’s later we’re still alive and kicking!  So hopefully we’re doing something right…

Here’s a quick update on me, the website, and what’s to come…

Busy Times

Around this time last year I started a new career and then a few months later I moved home to be closer to work, so updates to the website took a major hit as my free time dropped to being practically non-existent. I’m now settled in at work and no longer need to spend my evenings sanding, painting and building furniture so you should see things begin to pick up again in the coming months.  I try my best, but i’m only one person with limited time!

The good news is that I now work on the web team for the UK’s largest guitar store which means more inside information and hands-on experience with plenty of quality guitars.

Frustrating Times

Some of you may know that for the past couple of years I have been troubled by my fretting hand to such a degree that I have been unable to properly play much guitar at all.  Hence the lack of reviews, new gear purchases and YouTube videos recently. Honestly it isn’t looking too good after seeing several specialists who were unable to diagnose my problem – I do still have one option left which I am currently waiting on.  If any of you awesome readers work in the medical field and could provide some suggestions I’d love to hear from you.

Something New This Way Comes…

To celebrate our 3rd Anniversary I have been dabbling with launching a new section of the site which should hopefully come into fruition in the next week.  Stay tuned…

Thanks for sticking around and here’s to many more years of southpaw shenanigans!


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  1. mcarp555
    mcarp555 says:

    Congrats, Neal. It’s one of my fav places to hang out online. Maybe it’s no coincidence that a great left-handed site was launched on Paul McCartney’s birthday?

    Anyway, let’s rock on! Remember that facebook is only a fad – the forum is where the real action lies!

  2. Southpaw Sam
    Southpaw Sam says:

    Hey Neal, you’ve done a magnificent job with the LeftyFretz web site. All things being considered with social networking sites like Facebook, MySpace, etc. there is still a community of lefty musicians that don’t necessarily use social networking for their guitar related needs such as up to date information about all things guitar related not to mention the wealth of information for beginner to advanced players. Kudos again my friend!

  3. 8oris
    8oris says:

    Happy Birthday LeftyFretz and congratulation to you, Neal!
    Your blog is the best leftys ressource on the web (and the web is pretty huge, isn’t it?)! 🙂
    Great posts (not too long, not too short), lots of well-documented info, keep on this way! ^^
    I hope your hand issues get fixed, you deserve to play the guitars, and guitars deserve to be played by you!
    Cheers from France!

  4. Rhitosparsh
    Rhitosparsh says:

    Congrats Neal!! Thanks for making a great website!! This has been helpful to me, ans this website will be helpful to all, beginners, amateurs and even professionals. Definitely busts all myths related to lefty playing. Would you bust more myths if I get across some and report to you??


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