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Neal January 22, 2011 2

For all of you readers who are Facebook fiends, LeftyFretz can now also be followed on its very own Facebook page!

The page is essentially just an extra choice you have when deciding how you’d like to follow the updates on the website. If Facebook is your thing then hopefully this shall satisfy your needs, although we still have email, RSS, Twitter and plain old fashioned checking of the website for those who prefer other means of getting their fix.

There is currently a photo album where I encourage you to upload some photos of your own lefty guitars, but feel free to make your own albums for other guitar related visual goodness.  There’s also plenty of places for discussion and even an RSS feed that shows all of the latest posts on LeftyFretz.com.  Also be sure to let me know what else you would like to see added, I haven’t personally used Facebook in over 2 years so I am a bit rusty!

If you head over to our page you should notice a big ‘LIKE‘ button at the very top which you can click to show your interest.  If you have a facebook account I would appreciate if you would click the button as once we reach 100 ‘likes’ we unlock a few more useful tools and options – for example a URL which isn’t rediculously long and impossible to remember!

To visit the page either click the Facebook icon in the ‘Feeds’ menu to the top left of any page on LeftyFretz, or hit up the link below.  Tell your friends ;)
LeftyFretz on FaceBook


  1. Akshay January 23, 2011 at 4:31 pm - Reply

    Ahh cool! Yay! I joined! :P

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