Limited Edition Left Handed Epiphone Casino

This news is probably going to get quite a lot of you hot under the collar – here at LeftyFretz we’re constantly being asked why in the hell Epiphone stopped making left handed Casinos.  The exciting news is that our good friend Jim over at Southpaw Guitars has announced that they’re making a limited edition comeback!

Epiphone Casino Left Handed Guitar

What do we know do far?  Not a lot!  Jim is selling them (right now) for $629 US and you can reserve one from Southpaw for $150.  These limited edition beauties will come in Vintage Sunburst and the build time looks to be roughly 7 months.

Epiphone Casino Left  Handed Guitar 2014

The image above is the current right handed model flipped and may not represent the left handed model in its entirety. I will update this article as I find out more information.

To reserve one, call Jim at Southpaw Guitars. From the looks of the conversations happening on the Southpaw Guitars Facebook page these are being snapped up fast!

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    • Neal Beedie
      Neal Beedie says:

      I didn’t know these had arrived – thanks for buying from us Sie! I’ve just checked and can see your guitar is on track for delivery tomorrow as expected.

      As I’ve been saying to everyone above – please send me a photo of your new guitar if you get a chance! 🙂

  1. Sie
    Sie says:

    Not only the guitar, but the Line 6 Amp that I won from GG, It’s going to be a scorcher so I might be topless (I’m 48 and I had a tough paper round so be warned)

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