PRS 30th Anniversary Left Handed Custom 24s

PRS has just announced a special, limited edition left handed run of their new 30th Anniversary Custom 24!

These limited edition guitars will feature special mother of pearl bird inlays, a 30th Anniversary truss rod cover, and the new 85/15 PRS pickups. Less than 200 of these will emerge from the Maryland factory, so contact your local PRS dealer swiftly to secure yours.

Left Handed PRS 30th Anniversary Custom 24

Left Handed PRS 30th Anniversary Custom 24

  • Body Top Carved Flame or Quilted Maple
  • Body Back Mahogany
  • Neck Mahogany
  • Scale Length 25″
  • Fingerboard Rosewood
  • Inlays MOP 30th Anniv Birds
  • Headstock Rosewood Veneer
  • Bridge PRS Tremolo
  • Tuners Phase III Locking
  • Pickups 85/15

Available finishes : Gray Black, Violet, Black Cherry, Black Gold Burst, Azul, Honey, Faded Whale Blue

For more information:
PRS Website

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  1. Chris
    Chris says:

    They are nice guitars. But then, I can go onto the Carvin website and go through the custom guitar builder to get an almost identical guitar, (though from all reports of people who’ve bought Carvin guitars, it’s probably a better guitar than the PRS in actual fact) and the total cost comes to $US1654. There are other options that could be selected that put up the cost even higher and make it even more unique and personalised, but I just selected options that made it as close to those pictured as possible.

    That way you are also supporting a company that is actually good to lefties.

    It’s a tough one, you get a company that’s very anti left-handed guitarists for the most finally does a limited release of guitars that you like as lefties. Do you buy them hoping that they’ll see there’s a market there and produce more guitars, or do you just say “stuff you, you’ve given us the “stuff you” for so long, a little token like this isn’t good enough, I’m going with the companies that will actually look after lefties!” I’d prefer to do the latter, unfortunately, it’s often easy to do the former!

    • Ted
      Ted says:

      I agree. I do own a PRS now but like Gibson and especially that BHole at Ric, I would now stay away from those anti lefty companies.

  2. Kevin
    Kevin says:

    Nice, shame the colour list isn’t in order as the picture, any chance of this Neal? Hard to name some of those finishes correctly. And also any indication of price?


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