Rickenbacker : Left Handed Guitars and Basses

Rickenbacker is an electric and bass guitar manufacturer and was founded in 1931 by Adolph Rickenbacher and George Beauchamp. They are currently based in California, USA.

The company has only recently restarted producing left handed guitars, and as such only a small selection are currently available.

Rickenbacker Left Handed Guitars and Bass Guitars

Rickenbacker 330

Rickenbacker 330 Left Handed Guitar Lefty

Careful acoustic research has resulted in the full, rich and warm sound of this popular model. Two single coil pickups on a full size body are accented by a traditionally shaped sound hole. The 24 fret Rosewood fingerboard is punctuated by dot inlay fret markers, with full double cutaways permitting access to all the frets. Standard output is monaural through a single jack plate.

Rickenbacker 360


Rickenbacker 360 Left Handed Guitar Lefty

This guitar broke all the rules of traditional styling when it appeared amid the ‘British’ sound of the 1960’s. Subtly updated through the years, this Deluxe hollow body with its special contour around the entire body perimeter, is still perhaps the most comfortable guitar of all. The bound body and Rosewood fingerboard, inlayed with triangular pearloid markers, provide an exceptionally attractive appearance. Stereo output is standard.

Note : The image above shows a flipped right handed 360, hence the back-to-front tailpiece.  At the time of writing the left handed version is currently still in the works.

Rickenbacker 4003

Rickenbacker 4003 Left Handed Bass Guitar Lefty

The Classic Rickenbacker bass – famous for its ringing sustain, treble punch and solid underlying bass. A subtle strip of binding graces the elegantly curved body and the Rosewood fingerboard. Deluxe triangular inlays and stereo capability are standard features.

Rickenbacker Website

The Rickenbacker website makes no mention of left handed availability, so I had to contact them to find out what was currently available.   What I took from their email was that the 330 and 4003 are available right now and the 360 will be available shortly.

For more information:
Rickenbacker Website

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  1. Tracy Goldstein
    Tracy Goldstein says:

    Just want you all to know that it is my great relationship with John Hall that I was able to persuade him to get these out to use much sooner than we expected.

    Your welcome

    • Travis France
      Travis France says:

      I have’nt bought a new RIC (4001 C64S)since 1987. Just spent a few bucks straightening a neck with a knot and I’ve got the itch back. Anything new coming out?

  2. Ron Cowie
    Ron Cowie says:

    I noticed you said that Rickenbacker have only recently started producing left handed guitars. I’ve had my 330 since 1979!

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