4th of July Sale – Save Up to $660 off 100+ Left Handed Guitars

Here’s a great promotion that LeftyFretz readers in the United States might like to check out this July 4th.

To commemorate Independence Day, Amazon are having a huge sale this 4th of July in which everything has been discounted by 15% – including over 100 fantastic left handed guitars and basses. There is also plenty of other musical gear in the sale if you’re not after a guitar right now.

Save Up to $660 Off 100+ Left Handed Guitars This 4th of July

4th of July Left Handed Guitar Sale

How To Calculate the Sale Price

Before you head over to Amazon, a quick note on how to work out the sale price.

The discount is only applied when you checkout – so to find out the sale prices, take the current price and multiply by 0.85. For example the D’Angelico in the image above above is $1291, so the new price (1291 x 0.85) becomes $1097.

Browse The Sale

The sales pages below are very fiddly – it took me a lot of experimentation to figure out a way of showing all of the eligible guitars (Amazon’s search function is pretty terrible!). I’d suggest browsing the guitars one by one as changing some of the options can break the promotion and show guitars which aren’t eligible for the discount. If you get confused, come back to this page and click one of the links below to reset the search page.

Click here to browse the sale, or click one of the big green buttons below.

Or, click the button below to browse the entire sale, including right handed guitars and other musical equipment.

Remember that the discount has not yet been applied – it will only be added when you checkout.

I expect that as with previous Amazon sales, further guitars could be added later on – so be sure to check back for updates!

Not After a Guitar?

This sale includes a ton of other musical products and accessories.  If you’d like to browse the full promotion, click here.

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