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Schecter has long been known as one of the most lefty friendly mainstream guitar companies around, and this year is not going to see that perception change.  2014 saw Schecter launching their brand new website, which quite frankly puts most other brand sites to shame.  And most importantly, the choice of left handed guitars is bigger and more wide-ranging than ever!

The new and improved Schecter website incorporates a ‘Guitar Finder’ tool, which allows you to apply filters in order to find the models that fit your exacting specifications.  It currently allows us to search by model series, number of strings and price range amongst other criteria.  However, most importantly, it also allows us to browse guitars by dexterity!  It is a truly excellent resource which really streamlines the process of finding your ideal next guitar.  Take note guitar companies of the world!

The Guitar Finder tool coupled with the sheer number of models available left handed renders an article listing every single guitar a little redundant (and impossibly huge!).  For that reason I encourage you to check out the outstanding Schecter website, and make use of their excellent tool to discover which of their guitars are right for you.

Left Handed Schecter Guitars

Schecter Left Handed Guitars

The image above shows a small selection of models available.

At the time of writing, the Guitar Finder tool currently offers 81 of Schecter’s complete range of 281 guitars left handed, as well as a whopping 24 of their line up of 78 basses!  Unfortunately along with this increased choice comes an increase in price of roughly 10%  for left handed models, but personally I’d much rather take that option over settling for a smaller selection of models at right handed prices.

Left Handed Schecter Bass Guitars

Schecter Left Handed Bass Guitars

The image above shows a small selection of models available.

Whatever style of music you play, Schecter has you covered. But just in case you don’t find exactly what you need, there’s always Schecter’s Custom Shop.

For more information:
Schecter Guitars Website

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  1. shaun
    shaun says:

    With so many lefty models available how is one to make the right choice??? Forgive my ignorance im a complete beginner but want to make an investment on decent guitar that will last and serve its purpose through all stages of my progression any tips and / or recommendations? im really keen on schecter.

  2. Rob
    Rob says:

    It’s not all good news with left handed Schecters I’m afraid. I tried to order a Hellraiser Extreme today and was quoted 6 to 9 months for delivery! Most other models are very low on availability too. You can get them, but you need the patience of a saint!

  3. Jim
    Jim says:

    I recently received a 2014 Hellraiser Hybrid C1 FR LH (early in April). It is a beautifully built guitar and plays amazing! The guy that helped me order it at G.C. had me a little concerned about the Korea build quality, but when I held it for the first time all that fear went away. It is nearly flawless. The neck and fret board is as good as any made in the USA guitar. I understand they build them over seas and then they get set up state side(?). Mine came perfectly set up. I didn’t even need to tune it! You will not regret purchasing a Schecter!

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