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01. Should I Learn Guitar Left or Right-Handed?
So you want to take up learning guitar but you’re unsure if you should be playing right or left handed? Take a read through this article to hopefully find the answer to this tricky question!

02. The Complete Newbie Guide
Now that you know which way around you’re going to play, our 8-part Newbie Guide will fill you in on everything you need to know to get started with guitar or bass.

03. Lessons for Beginners
You’ve got the gear, now let’s learn to play! Our Lessons section includes a variety of free resources to get you started. And if you really want to kick-start your playing…

04. Get the Left Handed Chords E-Book
Download our popular ebook today and learn over 300 essential guitar chords in a lefty friendly format. I may be a little biased…but it’s a must have!

01. Left Handed Guitar Database
Our ever-growing database lists a huge number of guitar brands to help you find which guitars they produce as a lefty version. Let us know who we’ve missed!

02. Small Guitars For Children and Travel
Find the best 1/2 and 3/4 sized guitars and basses for young children. It can be really tricky finding smaller sized lefty guitars, but we’ve managed to find a few great options for you!

03. Guitarist Gift Guide
Looking to treat yourself, or a guitarist friend? Browse our list of 101 perfect gift ideas for guitar players, featuring some of the best guitar gear, accessories and gadgets we could find!

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