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Suhr Guitars was founded by John Suhr and Steve Smith in 1997 and is based in California, USA.  They produce a range of guitars, basses, amplifiers, effects units and even their own line of pickups.

If you’re wondering where you’ve heard the name before, John Suhr used to be Senior Master Builder at the Fender Custom Shop before leaving to form his own company.

Left Handed Suhr Guitars

The good news is that all Suhr guitars are now available to order left handed, with the exception of the Modern Set-Neck, the 7-string Modern and also the Classic J-Bass.

A Selection of Left Handed Suhr Guitars

The image above shows a sample of the different body styles available.  A huge variety of options are available so be sure to check out the Suhr website for the full run-down on what can be ordered.

There are two ranges of guitars available; The Custom Series and the Professional Series. The Custom Series is just that – you get to choose your favorite model and go to town with the specifications.  The Professional Series has the same level of craftsmanship, but is a little more affordable as Suhr set the specifications themselves.

If you’d like to create your own custom guitar, a great resource is Suhr’s ‘Just Shipped‘ page. On here you’ll find an impressive list of the latest guitars to leave the Suhr factory – a mouthwatering compendium to inspire your build!

Suhr Website

Unfortunately the Suhr website hasn’t become any more lefty friendly in recent times.  There is still no mention anywhere regarding which models are available left-handed, and as a result I had to contact the company to uncover this information. Luckily the Suhr customer service department was fantastic and quick to respond.

For more information:
Suhr Guitars Website

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  1. ian mcgregor
    ian mcgregor says:

    suhr guitars are fantastic .you can spec up anything you want and they will do it .if you see a colour thats not on there web site you can send it to them to match .i did this with a sparkle flake ocean aqua large flake tele and got the back of the neck flaked as well its awesome .waiting on a seafoam green double bound tele coming in about 5 months .if you like me want a powerfull rock sound try the aldridge suhr pickup set there fantastic great for blues as well cheers ian

  2. ian mcgregor
    ian mcgregor says:

    hi neal unfortunatly i dont have a camera and would not have a clue how to put photos on the web if i get any pics i will gladly send them .if you want to see the colour aqua marine flake go to suhr and click on the colour chart there.. my strat is on there that i had done awhile ago in the same flake it was one of the guitars of the week ages ago cheers ian


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