Ibanez JEM777 Steve Vai Left Handed Guitar

Ibanez JEM777 30th Anniversary Limited Edition Lefty

Celebrate the 30th Anniversary of the Ibanez JEM with this incredible limited edition left handed JEM777 in Loch Ness Green!
Ibanez Paul Stanley Left Handed

NEW! Ibanez PS120L Paul Stanley Left Handed Signature Guitar

Brand new for 2017. Find out more about the upcoming left handed Ibanez PS120L Paul Stanley Signature model.
Ibanez RG652AHML-NGB Prestige Left Handed Guitar

Left Handed Ibanez RG652AHML-NGB Prestige Limited Edition

Find out more about the upcoming limited edition Ibanez RG652AHML-NGB left handed Prestige, expected around December.

NEW Ibanez RGDIX6MPBL-SBB Iron Label Limited

Ibanez has announced a brand new left handed spot production guitar! Find out more about the gorgeous RGDIX6MPBL-SBB Iron Label Limited Edition.
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Ibanez : Left Handed Guitars & Basses 2016

Check out our MONSTER guide to find out which left handed Ibanez guitars and basses are available for 2016. Standard production models, limited editions, special runs, and even guitars that aren't out yet - they're all in here!

Ibanez RG655L-CBM Prestige Left Handed Guitar

Way back in June of last year, Ibanez hinted on their Facebook page of a new left handed Prestige series guitar. And now, it finally looks as if this model will be coming our way! Find out more about the new RG655L-CBM here.

Two New Left Handed Ibanez RG Guitars

Ibanez has just announced two new left handed RGs for the USA market! Click the image above to find out more about the RG652KFXL Prestige and the RG721RWL Premium!
Ibanez Left Handed Limited Edition Guitars 2015

New Ibanez Limited Edition Guitars

Ibanez have updated their website to include quite a few new limited edition left handed guitars. Click here to get a sneak peek at the upcoming special editions.

New Ibanez RG721FML Premium Limited Edition

Grab a sneak peek at the brand new RG721FML from Ibanez - the latest left handed Premium model to appear from the Japanese giants.