Left Handed PRS SE Guitars

NEW! Left Handed PRS SE Custom 24

It's FINALLY happening! PRS is bringing out left handed SE Series guitars! Find out more about the new lefty SE Custom 24s and pre-order yours today before they're all snapped up!

PRS 30th Anniversary Left Handed Custom 24s

PRS has just announced a special, limited edition left handed run of their new 30th Anniversary Custom 24! Less than 200 of these will emerge from the Maryland factory, so contact your local PRS dealer swiftly to secure yours.

PRS : Left Handed Guitars 2014

Over the past few years PRS has taken to producing small numbers of limited run left handed guitars, and 2014 is no different. This year the Maryland crew has seen fit to release a special run of left handed Custom 22s and Custom 24s which you may already be able to find in stores.

PRS : Left Handed Guitars 2012

For a one month window left handed guitarists will be able to order a lefty PRS Custom 24 in ANY finish.

PRS : Left Handed Guitars 2011

Left Handed PRS Guitars 2011. PRS have announced a limited production run of left handed PRS Custom 22's in early 2011.