New 2018 Left Handed Schecter Guitars

New Schecter 2018 Left Handed Guitars

Check out the latest left handed Schecters which will be hitting a store near you in 2018!
Left Handed Schecter 2016 Guitars

New 2016 Left Handed Schecter Guitars

In addition to the already way above average left-handed range, Schecter has introduced a few more new left handed guitars to the stable for 2016. Click here to find out more!
Limited Edition Left Handed ESP Schecter Guitars

EXCLUSIVE Special Run Lefty Guitars at XLG

Our good friends over at Xtreme Lefty Guitars have a ton of exclusive, special run left handed guitars on the way that you WILL NOT find anywhere else! Take a look through the list and see if anything tickles your fancy!
New From Schecter for 2015

Winter NAMM 2015 New Schecter Guitars

Finally some southpaw excitement from the imminent NAMM 2015 exhibition! We can always rely on good old Schecter to hook us lefties up with some sweet new gear, and this year will be no different.
Schecter Left Handed Guitars

Schecter : Left Handed Guitars

Schecter has long been known as one of the most lefty friendly mainstream guitar companies around, and this year is not going to see that image change. Check out their huge range of left handed guitars and basses!

Schecter : New Left Handed Guitars For 2014

Schecter has been busy announcing a new line-up of guitars for 2014 this week. As is quite often the case, near everything appears to be available in a left handed configuration (for a small upcharge).