International Left Handed Day

Happy National Left Handed Day 2018

Happy International Lefthanders Day! Every year on August 13th we southpaws get our very own designated day to celebrate being left handed. This annual event is meant to help raise awareness of the troubles that left handed people experience with living in a right-hand centric world.

How Left Handed Are You? Find Out in 60 Seconds!

If you write with your left, you're considered to be left handed. But just how left handed are you really? Take our quick quiz and find out!

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World Hates Left Handed People

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8 Left Handed Guitar Disadvantages

8 Annoying Things About Being a Left Handed Guitarist

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Jimi Hendrix Epiphone FT79

Jimi Hendrix's Epiphone FT-79 Sells For $258,000 at Auction

In 1967, Jimi Hendrix purchased a second-hand 1951 Epiphone FT-79 acoustic for the paltry sum of $25. Fast forward 50 years and that very same guitar has just sold at Bonhams auctioneers for $258,000 - over 10'000 times the original value.
What is Sinistrophobia

Sinistrophobia - The Fear of Left-Handedness

Believe it or not, there is an actual medical condition called Sinistrophobia - a fear of left handed people, or objects and things on the left side. Find out more!
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How Many Lefties Worldwide

How Many People are Left Handed?

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