Beginner Left Handed Ukulele Guide

Beginner Left Handed Ukulele Buyer Guide

Fancy taking up the ukulele? In this guide, we talk about what you should be looking for in your first uke, as well as providing some affordable options for new players.

New Left Handed Ibanez Ukulele for 2013

Check out the Ibanez UEW20LSME Left Handed Ukulele - new for 2013! Aside from having an easily memorable name (yeah, maybe not...) it's a real little stunner and is sure to pique the interest of many southpaws on the lookout for an affordable uke!

Collings : Left-Handed Guitars, Mandolins and Ukuleles

Take a look at the range of left-handed guitars, mandolins and ukuleles from Collings Guitars.