Warwick : Left Handed Bass Guitars

Warwick was founded in 1982 by Hans-Peter Wilfer and is a well known and respected German based manufacturer of bass guitars.  Originally Warwick was a premium brand specialising in a small range of high-end guitars made from exotic tonewoods, however they have since expanded their catalogue in order to offer more affordable alternatives to a wider market.

Warwick also owns Framus Guitars who impressed us greatly with their excellent selection of left handed guitars.  So it is no surprise to find that Warwick also offers a similarly noteworthy range of left handed bass guitars.

Warwick Left Handed Bass Guitars

The good news is that almost all Warwick basses are available to order left handed at no additional charge.  The exceptions are the Limited Edition and Special edition models.  Signature models are also unavailable apart from the Buzzard JE, Jonas Hellborg and Nobby Meidel basses.

Take a look below to see a small sample of left handed bass guitars available from Warwick, but make sure to take a look at their website to see the full range of models available.

Warwick Left Handed Bass Guitar Lefty southpaw

Warwick Custom Shop

If something you find on the website isn’t quite what you’re looking for, you can also have your very own custom designed bass crafted by Warwick. Take a look at the Warwick Custom Shop page for more information.

Warwick Website

Each product page clearly states which guitars are available left handed along with other optional configurations. The Warwick site also has an entry on its FAQ page which details the guitars that are available lefty.  Can’t complain about that!

For more information:
Warwick Bass Guitars Website

4 replies
  1. Rodger Goss
    Rodger Goss says:

    I’m interested in a Warwick Corvette $$ 5-string bass guitar. Can you give me information on this instrument, please(type of pickups, electronics, types of finishes offered, price, etc)

  2. Ash
    Ash says:

    Best bass I ever owned was a streamer jazzman 5, actually owned 4 wicks over the years inc a custom shop thumb bass which I picked up for a bargin £750, its a shame warwick have now priced themselves out of the market, with very little uk availability


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