Gaskell Launches Entry Level Brand – Zac Guitars

Last year southpaw champions Gaskell Guitars announced that they would be shutting down their factory range of guitars to concentrate on custom shop only models. I’m sure we all shed a little tear or two over the loss, but hey – you gotta do what you gotta do to survive in this harsh economic climate right?

But wait!  I’ve just received great news!  Gaskell has just launched a brand spanking new entry level brand which is bringing back the more affordable production models we’ve all grown to know and love! May I introduce ZAC GUITARS.

Left Handed Explorer Guitars by Zac

Zac Left Handed Guitars by Gaskell

Gaskell is billing Zac Guitars as their entry level brand for those who might not be able to afford a fully fledged custom shop instrument from their Australian workshop. And if you haven’t guessed from the photo already, Zac is concentrating on Explorer style guitars, aimed at the beginner to intermediate level player. As with the previous range of Gaskell production models, these Explorers are designed in Australia and built in China. Because these new models are 100% factory built, Zac Explorers are half the price of the Gaskells they are modelled after.

Main Specifications

  • Body : Chinese mahogany
  • Neck : Maple
  • Neck Join : Set-In
  • Fretboard : Indian Rosewood
  • Inlays : Dot
  • Bridge : Tun-O-Matic and Stop Tail
  • Pickups : 2 MINGS humbuckers
  • Controls : Volume/Volume/Tone

The guitars are available to order from the Zac website in a variety of colors.  Each Explorer is made to order, so expect a delivery time of around 5-6 weeks.

For more information:
Zac Guitars Website

6 replies
  1. Kevin
    Kevin says:

    hmmm … colours are limited, a nice yellow and a nice blue or green would be nice in there, but I can’t argue about the price, nice …

  2. itab
    itab says:

    oh boy,
    a white lefty explorer that actually looks like a good old explorer (looking at you, ltd snakebyte!).
    i’d like to see/hear more of/from these (like, focus a bit more on the guitar and less on the person holding it :P).

    i had GAS for a gaskell concord once, although the specs weren’t 100% what i was looking for.
    but it would’ve been 1k € plus shipping, tax etc. guitar prices are crazy down there…

    • Neal
      Neal says:

      I spoke with the owner a few months back and he mentioned that he was going to be moving away from using that style of photo. Presumably they’ll be filtered out over time.

      • Chris
        Chris says:

        Last time I went to the main Gaskell website and clicked through the photos of the guitars I noticed that most of them actually weren’t like that. The guitar models that had been on the site for a while and the photos had been there for a while were like that, but anything with newer photos were just plain guitar photos.


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