10 Steps to Become The Guitar Player You Dream of Being!

In order to realise your dreams you need to have the right mental attitude.  Here are my top 10 tips to help you take your guitar playing to where you want it to be.

  1. Set your goal and focus on it 100%

    First you need to figure out what you really want to achieve out of playing guitar. If you know what your dreams are then you can set goals and start working towards them.  For example say your greatest goal is to tour the world with your band, write that shit down and give yourself a deadline!

  2. Be ambitious and believe in yourself

    Confidence has always been an issue for me. I always knew I wanted to be a guitarist but was advised not to become one because it’s “too competitive”. In reality, there’s plenty of room for more guitar players, songwriters, luthiers, or whatever you dream of being. If you want something enough, and believe you can achieve it, then you’ll find a niche for yourself in that field.
    Top Tip – If a lack of confidence is holding you back, try picking a short mantra that sums up what you want to be or do. For example, top guitarist, successful songwriter, skilled luthier. Now make that your password so that every time you log onto your computer, or your favorite websites, you reinforce your goals.

  3. Understand that you will need to stay focused for years to achieve your dreams

    I think we all know that success doesn’t happen overnight, but by working towards the same goal consistently over a long period of time you’ll succeed in the long run. Let’s take my goal of running this guitar website for left-handed players. It’s a long term project. So far, I’ve spent about one month learning all of the necessities needed to register, host and built a website and then another month writing daily content in order to give the site substance. I know that if I really want it to be successful, I’ll have to spend several more months writing content and marketing the site so that it gets found.  My ultimate goal is to have www.leftyfretz.com become the number one website for left-handed guitarists. If I stop focusing on my goal it won’t happen, it’s as simple as that.

  4. Be prepared to work hard

    It’s fun to dream that we’ll win the lottery, or that an agent will discover us at the next gig and propel us to a success in a glittering music career. I’ve spent a fair amount of time fantasizing about this kind of thing, and it never got me anywhere. I’ve noticed that most people whose are described as “overnight successes” deny it and say they spent many long years practicing their art and networking in their field. If you want to achieve your dreams, you’ll have to work hard as well.

  5. Don’t allow yourself to be distracted by new ideas that pop up

    If you get bored easily this is something to look out for. Allow yourself time to think and be creative, but keep coming back to your main goals and focus on them first. When you’ve achieved that, you can always concentrate on other things next.

  6. Don’t get discouraged by setbacks: learn a lesson and get back to your goal

    There will always be set backs. I seem to have them most days! But I just moan about it for a few minutes or allow myself to feel angry, annoyed or upset briefly, then I channel that emotion into getting on with achieving my goal. It takes practice to develop a thick skin, and stop taking setbacks personally, but getting over them is vital.

  7. Finish your goals

    Starting new projects is good but finishing them is better. You need closure which will then allow you to move on from one goal to another. Don’t get stuck in a cycle of starting new things but not finishing them.

  8. Congratulate yourself on your successes along the way

    It’s important to stay motivated and recognizing your successes is vital. Because your goals are long term you need to acknowledge each small success you make on the way to it. To stay motivated try using Twitter, it worked for me, or hook up with like-minded people and harness the power of co-motivation.

  9. Look forward to having achieved your goals

    Can you imagine what it will be like when you’ve achieved your goals and are living your dream? Start thinking about it, but only if you understand that you’re going to get there because of your own hard work, not because a fairy god-mother waved her wand and made all your wishes come true.

  10. Know what your weaknesses are so that you can be ready to tackle them

    For example, I know I’m easily distracted so I have to focus extra hard on my goals. I’m sensitive too, but I’ve learnt not take set backs personally, to carry on working towards achieving my goals, no matter what. I’m also forcing myself to be more ambitious, even though some part of me thinks it’s selfish. If I’m not ambitious, I’ll lack the drive to follow through on my intentions. Can you see what your weaknesses are and come up with a plan to counter them?

No more excuses!  Get out there and make your dreams a reality!

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