Happy Birthday LeftyFretz – 2 Years Old Today!

Exactly two years ago today LeftyFretz.com was registered in the hopes of making life that little bit easier for the southpaw guitarists of the world.  And two year’s later we’re still alive and kicking!  So hopefully we’re doing something right…

You’ve no doubt noticed already, but to celebrate our second birthday we’ve given the website a little bit of a spring clean.  Everything is still in the same place, but hopefully it looks a little cleaner and brighter, and might even load a little faster.

Ironing out the Kinks

You might notice that many thumbnail images are missing, but this is only temporary and should gradually be fixed over the coming weeks.  If you notice anything else that is missing or broken please leave a comment below or send us an email through the contact form.

New Competition

Today marks the anniversary of the date LeftyFretz was registered, but Monday represents two years since the very first article was published.  To commemorate this event we will be launching an exciting new competition in association with Cactus Picks who have very generously donated a hefty prize pack of their quality plectrums.  So be sure to check back on Monday for details!

Social Media

When viewing articles you will notice a little bar pop up on the left hand side of the page with various social media icons attached (unless you’re on a mobile device).  We’d really appreciate it if you would take 2 seconds to use this menu to help spread the LeftyFretz name around – if you like the article, share it! Without you lovely readers this site wouldn’t have lasted one year, let alone two.

Here’s to another year of southpaw goodness – cheers! :)

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