20 Kick Ass Guitar Tattoos

Several years ago I published an article which showcased some of the absolute worst guitar related tattoos I could dredge from the bowels of the interwebs. So I thought it would be fun to flip things around and try to dig up some guitar tattoos which didn’t make me want to hurt myself.

And…it wasn’t easy! Perhaps I am just too picky, but I found it a surprising challenge to uncover more than a handful of guitar tattoos which warranted a second glance.  There are a huge number of people out there with ink which has clearly been applied by a skilled artist, but the addition of a guitar into the mix has just completely ruined the piece. In general, guitars just don’t seem to translate well as tattoo art.

However, I did manage to source 20 which in my opinion are pretty respectable (or at least have a great concept to be developed). For example, to me the first tattoo seems a bit bold on its own – but it could look great as an element within a larger sleeve. See what you think…

Guitar Tattoos Don’t Always Look Terrible

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Guitar Tattoo 1Skeleton Guitar TattooHufschmid Guitars TattooMusic Tree Tattoo
Gibson TattooRIP TattooSkull TattooCartoon Tattoo
Color TattooEMG TattooWrist TattooAcoustic Tattoo
Rock n Roll TattooGuitar TattooBack TattooBass Tattoo
Fender TattooGuitar SleeveNightmare Before Xmas TattooSkull and Guitar Tattoo

Did any of these catch your eye, or have you seen better?  Leave a comment below.

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