More Agile Left Handed Semi Custom Guitars Announced

Rondo Music has recently opened up orders for their next batch of semi-custom Agile guitars, which are of course available left handed.  

This new batch of three different models is due for delivery in November/December 2013 and you can secure yours with roughly a 50% deposit.  Customisable options include finish color, number of strings, scale length, bindings, hardware choices and many more.

Agile Semi Custom Left Handed Guitars

Agile Left-Handed Semi Custom Guitars May 2013

From left to right : AL3xxx, Hornet, Interceptor Pro, Intrepid Pro, Pendulum Pro, Septor Pro

The image above shows the body of style of the newly available semi-custom models, but keep in mind that you can customise most of the features of each guitar.

Check out the link below to see exactly what is available.

For more information:
Agile Semi Custom Order Page

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