BC Rich Left Handed Guitars 2011

BC Rich are one of the more distinctive guitar brands around today, thanks to their edgy and eye-catching designs.  The company was founded in 1969 by the late Bernardo Chavez Rico.  The majority of BC Rich guitars are assembled in China, although a small number of hand-built USA models are created at the custom shop in Kentucky.

Unfortunately for left handed guitar players, BC Rich are one of a small handful of guitar companies who no longer make regular production runs of lefty guitars.  However, as is the case with companies such as PRS, BC Rich will still produce smaller limited runs of guitars as long as the demand is there or if a dealer orders enough stock.  You will no doubt also still be able to find older models in select stores as well.

So as with the PRS page, this one will be a little different.  We will update this article with information on new limited run announcements as we hear about them.  If you are aware of any yourselves, please leave a comment below!  Here are the models we are currently aware of, due this year.

Left Handed BC Rich Limited Run Guitars

BC Rich Limited Run Left Handed Electric Guitars

Who Will Stock Them?

  • XLG Guitars – XLG will be stocking all 6 of these guitars, and you can currently reserve one with a 25% deposit. More information
  • Adirondack Guitars – Adirondack will be stocking the Warlock NJ Deluxe, and you can secure yours with a $50 deposit.  More information

BC Rich Custom Shop

If you have the money to spend you may also wish to consider the BC Rich Custom Shop, where you can have the guitar of your dreams realised.

For more information on the limited run guitars as well as all other BC Rich guitars
BC Rich Guitars Website

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