Best 3/4 Size Childrens Acoustic Guitars

Need some suggestions for a great childrens acoustic guitar? Or perhaps you’re just after a 3/4 sized acoustic guitar to take with you when travelling? Let’s get you sorted out!

As a general rule of thumb, a 3/4 sized acoustic guitar will be suitable for children aged 7 and over, or around 4′ 2″ plus.

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If you are looking for a great full-sized budget acoustic then check out my Donner DAG-1C review for an excellent package that won’t break the bank.

Otherwise, let’s carry on and look at the options!

I have laid out 4 different suggestions below (in order of price) which I believe should cover most bases, for those on a tight budget all the way up to players looking for something a little more high-end.

Best 3/4 Size Childrens Acoustic Guitar Guide

1. Cheap Kids Acoustic Guitar – Rogue Starter Package

Cheap Kids Acoustic Guitars

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Those of you looking for a cheap kids acoustic guitar are going to love these little gems from Rogue which are less than half the cost of the other guitars mentioned in this article. They are slightly smaller than a full sized acoustic (7/8 size), making them absolutely ideal for younger players, or even for guitarists with smaller hands.

Various body woods are used depending on which model you select, but all guitars feature a maple neck and rosewood fretboard. At this size and price point the difference in sound between each model will be negligible, so pick whichever color you like best! Crucially, the guitars come equipped with high-quality Martin strings to ensure a great sound and long string life.

As they’re slightly larger than most 3/4 sized acoustic guitars they will offer up a warmer, full-bodied tone when compared to the smaller guitars. The bigger size also means that they should last longer before becoming outgrown.

At the time of writing the guitar is available in 6 different colors (shown above), so there should be something to suit all tastes here!

2. Most Popular Kids Acoustic Guitar – Yamaha JR-1

Best Kids Acoustic Guitar

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What is the most popular 3/4 sized acoustic guitar? That award would have to go with the award winning Yamaha JR-1!

Main features include a beautiful spruce top with meranti back and sides, a nato neck and quality rosewood fretboard and bridge. It’s absolutely perfect for younger players or even for use as a handy travel guitar for us adults. The respected Yamaha badge on the headstock will also ensure that this guitar will hold its value very well if you decide to part ways a few years down the line.

I have managed to source an amazing deal on this guitar which includes a gigbag, strap, extra strings, string-winder and an assortment of quality Dunlop picks – everything you need! Check it out at the link above.

3. Most Versatile Childrens Acoustic Guitar – Yamaha APXT2 Electro-Acoustic

Beginner Acoustic Guitar for Children

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Affordable? Check! Well-made? Check! Electronics? Check! Loads of colors? Check!

The Yamaha APXT2 3/4 sized electro-acoustic should tick all of your boxes. According to Yamaha, their APX500II is the world’s best-selling full sized acoustic. And the APXT2 is essentially a scaled down version of that legendary guitar. As a childrens acoustic guitar it’s a guaranteed winner!

Main features include a spruce top in your choice of 4 gorgeous colours, meranti back/sides, mahogany neck and rosewood fretboard. It has a handy cutaway for improved upper fret access, electronics to allow it to be plugged into an amp or computer, a built-in tuner, and quality gigbag.

For such little money it sure is a lot of guitar. Check it out at the link above.

4. 3/4 Size Acoustic Guitars with Solid Wood Tops

Why a solid wood top? All of the guitars listed above feature laminated woods, which means that several layers of cheaper woods are sandwiched together, usually with a more attractive layer on top. The advantage is that laminates are cheaper and also very hard wearing. On the other hand, solid wood is one solid piece of wood (duh!). The advantage here is that the wood will resonate better, giving a slightly improved quality of tone which will continue to improve with age.

These guitars are for those looking for the very best for their kids – or more than likely, you’re just looking for a smaller guitar for yourself! They cost a little more than the others, but there is a noticeable jump in quality here, and any of these should potentially last you for life.

There are a few different brands who will offer 3/4 size acoustic guitars with solid tops, but my recommendations are all going to come from my personal favorite acoustic brand – Taylor. Check out the award winning GS Mini, and travel favorite Baby Taylor below.

3/4 Size Acoustic Guitars Solid Top

Click Here to Buy the GS Mini or Click Here to see the Baby Taylor

The Taylor GS Mini (1,2 and 3 shown above) is the world’s favorite small-sized guitar – mine too! I picked up an original GS Mini back when they were first introduced, and would never dream of parting with it. It is the only 3/4 size acoustic I’ve ever tried which sounded as full-bodied as a full-sized guitar. If budget allows, you will not regret picking up a GS Mini.

It is available with various different tonewood configurations, but all models come with a solid wood top for improved sound quality. A base acoustic model is available (which you can add Taylor’s ES-GO pickup system to later if needed), or they are also available as the GS Mini-e with Taylor’s legendary ES-2 electronics. They all ship in a super high quality Taylor soft case. Take a look at the link above to see a few of the different models available, as well as pricing.

Although the GS Mini would be my absolute top-pick, it is a little bigger than the other guitars on this list at 7/8 size. If you’re buying for a very young child, or need something smaller to throw in the trunk, then you might like to consider the Taylor Baby (4,5 and 6 in the image above) instead. It lacks the fancy trimmings of the GS Mini – but it is almost half the price.

It is a true 3/4 sized acoustic and still features that sought after solid wood top. Various models are available with either spruce, mahogany or exotic koa tops. There’s even a Taylor Swift signature model which fans of the artist might prefer. These are also available either with or without electronics. Check out the link above for a list of what is currently available.


I’m pretty confident that you should have been able to find something suitable within this guide, but if you didn’t, feel free to drop me an email.

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