The Best Left Handed Guitar Demo Ever?

Alright, maybe not the BEST left handed guitar demo video. It’ll be sure to give you a good giggle though…

Ola Englund – all around metal guitar legend, and author of the best selling book ‘Chugging For Dummies‘, has just released a new video in which he demonstrates the left handed Washburn Solar 160 from his signature range.

One slight problem though. Ola isn’t left handed…

Ola has a wicked sense of humor – well played sir! I laughed, and cringed…a lot. Can’t quite make out the sweet solo he rips out after Nirvana though… ;)

For those not in the know, the Solar Series is Ola’s signature line of guitars.  Although the 7-string lefty model he talks about in the video doesn’t seem to be listed on the Washburn site at present. Get it sorted Washburn!

Find out more:
Washburn Solar 160

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