Competition CLOSED – Win 100 Cactus Guitar Picks!

Competition now closed! Time for a brand new competition!  This month LeftyFretz has teamed up with Cactus Picks to give away what for many could very well be a lifetime’s worth of picks.  Read on to find out how you can win…

Cactus Picks?

Cactus Picks Competition LeftyFretz

Cactus Picks produce a range of Delrin guitar plectrums ranging from 0.5mm all the way up to 1.5mm.  They get their name from the series of tiny protrusions which adorn the rear of the pick.  I’ve tried many picks and I have to say that it’s a fairly unique sensation to hold one of these, and the design really does help with grip a lot.  If you’re after a thin-ish plectrum I would definitely recommend giving these a go.

The Prizes

One lucky winner will net themselves a supply of ONE HUNDRED Cactus Picks of their choosing.  If you’re a casual player this prize could potentially see you in picks for the rest of your days!  Just to put the size of this haul into perspective, here is an image of 100 Cactus Picks…

Cactus Guitar Picks Competition

How To Enter

  1. Head over to the LeftyFretz Facebook Page
  2. Click the ‘Competition‘ tab and fill in your name and email (used only to contact winners)
  3. Hit the ‘Like’ button beside the form
  4. Increase your chances of winning through Twitter…

Twitter – Extra Chances To Win!

Those of you who are on Twitter can gain more chances to win the software. Just hit the ‘Tweet‘ button below and post the message to your feed – if you edit the message it will not be counted as an entry.

Also, make sure to follow @LeftyFretz on Twitter!

You must be following LeftyFretz to be eligible to win


  1. This contest is open worldwide and closes Wednesday 18th July 2012 at 2300 GMT NOW CLOSED!
  2. The winner will be selected by random number generator
  3. One entry per email address – duplicates will be removed
  4. Email entrants must enter their name as it appears on their Facebook profile
  5. You must remain a Facebook fan or Twitter follower at the time of drawing to be eligible to win
  6. Twitter entrants may enter once per week
  7. The winner will be contacted via email or via Twitter DM (so be sure to follow @LeftyFretz)

Good Luck! :)

For more information:
Cactus Picks Website

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