Carvin Opens Up International Orders

Carvin gets a lot of love on LeftyFretz – and rightly so! They’re one of the most lefty friendly companies around. Order pretty much anything you want, in any color, in any configuration, and at factory direct prices.  What’s not to love?

Unfortunately Carvin decided to terminate direct international sales quite a few years ago now. Being from Scotland myself, this made me a bit of a sad bunny.  From a young age I’d always hoped to own one some day, but going through a UK dealer would now massively inflate the cost of entry. It’s difficult to justify dropping $3500 on a guitar that you know is only $1500 in the States. Sure, there are ways around that, but who needs the extra hassle? And I think most people over here felt the same – it’s incredibly rare to see a used left handed Carvin in Europe.

Worldwide Orders Welcome

One Site For All

The exciting news is that as of April 1st, the Carvin website has been unblocked, and they are now once again accepting international orders. Previously, customers outside of the USA would be forwarded to a slimmed down international landing page.

To be honest, just having the site unblocked is an absolute godsend that those in the USA won’t be able to fully appreciate.  I don’t know how many times I’ve been linked to a page on the Carvin site only to be forwarded to the international site home page when I try to view it. Frustrating.

International customers will still have shipping and import duty to contend with, but this is a much more more affordable option when compared with going through a dealer.

Kiesel – What’s the Story?

You may have noticed that the website now also has a Kiesel Carvin Guitars logo at the top. The company has shuffled things around a little bit and split the custom shop division into a new brand called ‘Kiesel Guitars’. The Kiesel line will consist of the brand’s flagship instruments, all of which are highly customisable.

All that’s left to do is head over and build your dream guitar.  There’s no upcharge for left handed models, and you’ll get a price on the spot from the online guitar builder. International buyers can get an idea of the cost to import from sites such as

Unfortunately this all all a little too late for me, but i’m sure plenty of you will gladly take advantage.

For more information:
Carvin/Kiesel Guitars Website

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