Breedlove : Left Handed Acoustic Guitars

Breedlove is a USA based guitar company, founded in 1990 by luthiers Larry Breedlove and Steve Henderson (both previous employees of Taylor Guitars ).  The company specializes in custom-built acoustic guitars, but also offers a range of affordable Asian-made models.

Currently Breedlove only offer one of their production guitars in a left-handed version, however you can order quite a number of their USA-made guitars with no additional upcharge.  Read on to find out exactly what is available…

Breedlove Left Handed Acoustic Guitars

Breedlove currently offers their entire range of American made guitars in a left handed option at no extra charge – this includes the American Series, the Voice Series, the Focus Series, the Master Class Series and all Custom Shop guitars.

Breedlove left handed acoustic guitar lefty southpaw

The image above shows a few examples of the different styles of guitar available, but make sure to head over to the Breedlove website (link below) to see exactly what is offered.