Gibson : Left Handed Guitars and Basses 2015

2014 wasn’t exactly a great year for left handed Gibson fans. We got no USA models at all and had to rely on the uber expensive custom shop to get our fix. Check out the range of 2015 left handed Gibsons here!

Gibson : Left Handed Guitars and Basses 2014

Gibson have been going from strength to strength over the past few years in terms of supporting their left handed customer base. I’m sure you’ve all seen their new 2014 models by now – but which are available left handed? Well…all of them.

Gibson : Left Handed Guitars 2012

Gibson Guitars was founded in 1902 in Michigan, USA by Orville Gibson. Now based in Nashville, Tennessee the company is probably most well known for building one of the world’s most iconic guitars – the Les Paul. Check out their 2012 range of left handed guitars!

Gibson : Left Handed Guitars 2011

When we looked at the left handed guitars available from Gibson last year we had four different models to choose from.  This year Gibson has upped the ante and is bestowing us with six lefty models, most of which are brand new offerings!

Gibson has ditched some of their more pricey lefty guitars in favour of more affordable models which should appeal to a wider demographic.  But don’t fret if you preferred the higher spec guitars offered last year, there will no doubt still be a few hanging in guitar stores the world over.

Update : This article has been updated August 2011 to reflect new models and finishes which were introduced during summer NAMM.

Gibson Les Paul Studio Lefty Guitar

Gibson Les Paul Studio Left Handed Guitar Lefty

Since 1983, Gibson USA has been proving not only that less is sometimes more, but also that less can sometimes knock your socks off – when it comes in the form of the popular no-nonsense Les Paul Studio model, at least. Originally designed as a model for studio artists but adopted wholeheartedly by countless players of all stripes, the Les Paul Studio combines stripped-down appointments with the full tonal splendour and unrivalled playability of a Les Paul Standard at a significant financial saving.

Finishes: Ebony, Wine Red

Gibson Les Paul Studio ‘60s Tribute Guitar

Gibson Les Paul Studio 60s Tribute Left Handed Guitar Lefty

The Les Paul Studio ’60s Tribute’s Worn Gold Top, Worn Honey Burst and Worn Ebony finishes nail the appearance of three popular “Standard” and “Custom” finishes from 1952-60, while its unbound body and neck and chambered mahogany body with carved maple top keep it in line with the simplicity that thousands of Les Paul Studio players already cherish.   A Nashville Tune-o-matic bridge, stopbar tailpiece and Kluson-style tuners keep it all rock-solid and resonant and its gnarly P-90 tone stays true to the Les Paul style.

Finishes: Worn Honey Burst, Worn Gold Top, Worn Ebony

Gibson : Left Handed Guitars 2010

Gibson weren’t a company I expected to be writing about this year, but lo and behond their website lists some left handed guitars so this guide must be written! I have no idea if any of these are actively being produced or if they are just models that Gibson have produced at some point in the last few years, but they are readily available new so we’ll count these as their 2010 line up for now.. ;)

The Gibson Website lists only four guitars as being available left handed, but they cover the 3 main body shapes that they produce so that’s fair enough.  Gibson guitars are mainly just variations of the Les Paul shape anyway right? Right?

Gibson Les Paul Studio Left Handed Guitar

Gibson Les Paul Studio Left Handed Guitar Lefty

All the elements of the legendary Les Paul Standard are still there, including that fat and sweet maple-and-mahogany tone through two genuine Gibson humbucking pickups. By eliminating a little of the window dressing – namely, building the guitar without binding around the body top or fingerboard, and applying an elegant gold silkscreened logo in place of an inlay – the Les Paul Studio weighs in at a price that players have found irresistible for three decades.