News: New Squier Telecaster and Stratocaster Lefty Guitars

Some huge news from Squier this week for left handed guitarists! I’ve always found it strange that Squier didn’t produce left handed Telecasters, so i’m pleased to announce that they are now rectifying the situation by adding  TWO new lefty Telecasters as well as a further two Stratocasters!

These guitars are special editions and each come in only a single choice of finish/fingerboard options.  The following guitars have been added…

  • Classic Vibe Stratocaster® ’50s – 2-Color Sunburst Maple
  • Classic Vibe Stratocaster® ’60s – 3-Color Sunburst Rosewood
  • Classic Vibe Telecaster® ’50s – Butterscotch Blonde Maple
  • Affinity Telecaster® – Butterscotch Blonde Maple

New Left Handed Telecasters and Stratocaster from Squier Lefty

The Classic Vibe models have a suggested RRP of $599.99, and the Affinity Telecaster should weigh in at somewhere around $279.99. Contact your local Squier dealer for more information.

I’m sure that you’ll agree that this is some pretty meaty news for new left handed players and also for players who are budget conscious.  Good going Squier – two thumbs up! ;)

Competition! Win a Set of TimberTones Exotic Wood Picks

Competition time! LeftyFretz has teamed up with Timber Tones to bring you a contest to win an entire set of 18 of their premium exotic wood picks. Each Timber Tones pick retails separately for £3 each, so you could potentially win yourself over £50 (~$80 USD) worth of first-class plectrums!

We recently reviewed a set of these picks and were thoroughly impressed by the unique range of tones that they bring to the table.  Check out the Timber Tones review for our thoughts on these stunningly gorgeous picks.

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The picks will also be beautifully presented to the winner in a quality Timber Tones display tin.  Take a look at the image below to see what you could win!

Timber tones guitar wood picks plectrums competition win

How Do I Enter?

Entering couldn’t be simpler!

  1. Head over to the LeftyFretz FaceBook page
  2. Click ‘Like’ at the top of the page to become a fan (skip this step if you’re already a fan!)
  3. Click the ‘Competition’ tab on the left side of the page
  4. Enter your name and email address into the form and hit ‘submit’
  5. Cross your fingers!

The winner will be selected via random number generator and contacted by email, so please ensure that you enter your address correctly.  Duplicate entries from the same email address will be automatically removed, so don’t waste your time.  You must remain a fan of the LeftyFretz FaceBook page in order to be eligible to win – please ensure the name you enter into the form matches your name on Facebook.  If the winner does not reply to our email within 48 hours a new winner will be selected.

New Left Handed Guitar Store :

There’s a new left handed guitar store in town, and it’s called ‘Xtreme Lefty Guitars (XLG).  This brand new Florida, USA based company deals only in left handed guitars and basses, and should be well worth keeping an eye on.

As should be expected with a new store, the current stock is quite limited, but give it some time and this company looks to become a great source for left handed players located in North America.  XLG certainly has  an impressive range of brands in the pipeline, including some exclusive guitars from custom luthier Bernie Rico Jr!  At present the store’s showroom only appears to be viewable by pre-arranged appointment, but all stock is obviously available to order online.

The company also stocks a small range of accessories such as pickups, strings and company tshirts, as well as a selection of used guitars.

Xtreme Lefty Guitars Website

Here’s hoping that this new family run business can make a success out of their new venture! ;)

New Limited Production Left Handed Agile Bigsby Guitars

News hot off the press!  Rondomusic have today posted three new extremely limited production hollow-body left handed Agile guitars, each with Bigsby tremolos.  Once these are gone they really are gone, so get in there quick and snap one up before it’s too late!

The guitars are priced between $625 and $690 and all three come with a protective hard-case.  Links can be found at the bottom of the page.

Agile AS-1000 Bigsby Left Handed Guitar in Gold

Agile AS-1000 Bigsby in Gold Left Handed Lefty

  • Made in USA B7 Bigsby tremolo
  • The AS-1000 is equipped with two Type-V Alnico humbucker pickups for great sound
  • The alnicos give the AS-1000 a warm traditional sound, vs. ceramic pickups which have a brighter, hotter output
  • Die-cast Grover tuners with 18-1 ratio for ultra fine tuning
  • The AS-1000 features a Ebony Fretboard without inlays for a sleek look
  • Set in Maple neck, 22 jumbo 2.7mm frets, graphite nut
  • Sound is controlled via two volume and two tone controls (speed knobs) and a 3-way pickup selector switch
  • Nickle hardware including stop bar tailpiece
  • Beautiful Gold finish with bound neck and headstock and multi-bound body

Agile AS-1000 Bigsby Lefty Guitar in Black Flame

Agile AS-1000 Bigsby in Black Left Handed Lefty

As above but with flame maple top and back with beautiful Transparent Black finish.

Left Handed Agile 9-String Guitars Announced

Hold on to your hats folks because we’ve got some exciting news for all you fans of extended range guitar wizardry!  Rondomusic has just announced that they are now taking deposits for their NINE STRING Agile Intrepid models – these have got to be the first really affordable left handed 9-string guitars on the market and as usual, Agile doesn’t disappoint in looks and features!

As with their recent announcement of a custom batch of Agile AL-3100 guitars, these Intrepids are due for completion in May 2011 and require a 50% deposit to secure your own.  To reserve one will cost you $370 and the total price of the guitar is an amazing $745 plus shipping.  They come in a standard specification in a gorgeous natural finish and come complete with hardcase.

Agile Intrepid 930 9-String Left Handed Guitar Lefty

Agile Intrepid 930 MN Natural Left Handed 9-String Guitar

  • 9 String Guitar with Ash Body
  • 1 piece bolt on neck
  • Cepheus 9 passive pickup with master volume. Cavity has been routed large enough to accommodate additional electronics
  • No inlays on the neck. Position markers on the side of the neck only
  • 24 Jumbo Frets
  • Maple Neck with 15” radius. Width 2 1/2” at the nut 3 1/8″ at the 12th fret and 3 3/8″ at the 24th fret
  • String Spacing at the bridge: 7/16″
  • Neck profile (thickness): 7/8″ at the nut 15/16″ at the 12th fret
  • Scale Length: 30” Overall length: 44 1/2″
  • Weight: Approx. 9.5 lbs
  • String through body
  • Die-cast Grover sealed tuners model GH305-18 with 18-1 ratio for fine tuning
  • Graphite Nut
  • Satin Polyurethane Finish
  • String gauges: .009, .012, .015, .022, .030, .040, .054, .074 .090
  • Guitar is setup to tune as a bass on the lower 2 strings (E, A). Then with standard 7 string guitar tuning on the upper 6 strings (B, E, A, D, G, B, E). However a variety of tunings is possible.
  • Intrepid Wiring Diagram

Andy James Talks About Left Handed Guitar

Andy James, shredmeister extraordinaire and well respected tutor recently took part in a webcast where he answered questions from many of his fans.  One question posed to him was from a lefty who had chosen to persue the right handed guitar path…

I’m a lefty playing a right handed guitar – been playing 6 years – practice about 6 hours a day – i still can only play Slayer at half speed – should I switch over to a lefty guitar?

Andy: I think if you are left handed, you should play a lefty guitar. Your left hand will control your picking and general timing and would be more natural for you to use the hand that you would use for anything else. Playing with the right hand might be weird at first but you will probably find that your technique will improve playing the right way.

As you know i’m completely fed up of right handed players giving poor guidance to lefties so it’s refreshing to see someone finally give some solid advice regarding playing left handed guitar.  The question posed here just really goes to show that some lefties just have to play left handed guitar, no questions asked.  It’s not even as if this guy is a casual player, six hours of practice a day is a lot, even for many professional players!

Southpaw Guitars – The World’s Largest Left Handed Guitar Store

Chances are, being a left handed guitar player you’ve probably heard of the famous Southpaw Guitar store.  Afterall, if you search Google for ‘left handed guitar’ is the number one result to pop up! This week David Kaplan of the Houston Chronicle interviewed the owner, Jim Duncan.

Left handed guitars are hard to come by, which is why Southpaw Guitars thrives.

What’s viewed as a bother for most music instrument stores is Southpaw Guitars’ reason for being. It has almost 1,000 left handed guitars in-house — acoustic and electric.

The Internet benefits Duncan greatly, enabling him to reach lefties around the world. His 30-year-old business quadrupled when he began selling online in the late 1990s, he said.

He expects to take in $1.2 million this year, and the store has generated about $1 million in sales annually each of the past eight years.

‘A great niche’ – Left Handed Guitars!

“He’s found a great niche, since about one out of 10 people is lefthanded. That’s one of the best niche businesses I’ve ever heard of,” said Irwin Miller, a counselor with the Houston chapter of SCORE, a group advising small-business owners.

Today, a small business almost has to have a niche, whether it’s by offering specialized merchandise or offering exceptional service or expertise, Miller said, because you can’t go head-to-head with a mass merchandiser.