New Bass Project From Chapman Guitars

Some interesting news for you left-handed bassists today.  Chapman Guitars have launched a new project which aims to introduce the company’s very first collaboratively designed bass guitar.  Find out how you can get involved…

For those of you who aren’t in the know, Chapman Guitars is a relatively new UK based company which is owned by Rob Chapman, aka Chappers, aka The Monkey Lord, aka Big Skweezy. Okay, I made that last one up… The company differs from most others because all Chapman guitars are collaboratively designed by Rob’s followers on his forum.  The fans vote on what type of guitar they would like to see, and a few months later their vision becomes a reality.

Everything from the body shape to the number of strings will be decided upon through a series of votes on the forum.  When all is said and done you will have the chance to own a guitar that you helped to design. Left-handed versions will of course be available, otherwise I wouldn’t be telling you about this right? ;)

Take a look at the current stable of Chapman Guitars below

Chapman Guitars LeftyFretz Left Handed Southpaw

To get this new venture kick-started, Rob is looking for 100 people who would be willing to register their interest in the new bass. Once they reach 100 the project will hopefully become a reality and the design process will begin.  Chapman guitars are always affordable – this is pure speculation, but expect the final price to be somewhere in the £300-£500 range.  See the video below for a more in-depth explanation from Rob.

Chapman ML-3 and ML-7

If you aren’t a bassist you might also be interested to know that voting should shortly commence on two other Chapman guitars – the ML-3 and ML-7.  I believe the ML-3 should be a T-type and the ML-7 will be a 7-string of some description.  Keep an eye on the company for more information on these forthcoming endeavours.

For more information:
Chapman Guitars – register your interest on the bass project here