Chapman Guitars Left Handed Vote Part 2

Chappers Greetings

It’s that time again! Vote one is now complete, and left handed Chapman fans can now start casting votes for the second poll to determine which colors each guitar will be.

But first of all, a little curve ball!

At the end of vote one, the two victors were the Standard Ghostfret and MLV Pro Modern from the Professional Series. However! It would appear that one innovative southpaw really wanted the MLV and had figured out a way to game the system, leading to skewed results. According to Rob the actual winners were the Standard Ghostfret and the Professional Ghostfret.

This means that we will now be getting 2 Ghostfrets.  But fans of the V shape need not worry as Chapman has also decided to offer the MLV!

But wait, there’s more! Chapman Guitars really wanted to offer one of their more traditional models left handed, so they have decided to additionally offer the ML1 Modern and ML1 Pro Modern!

So instead of the original two guitars, there will now be FIVE left handed Chapman models released! Here they are…

Chapman Southpaw Vote 1 Winners

From left to right: Ghostfret Pro, ML1 Modern Pro, MLV Pro, ML1 Modern, Ghostfret

Chapman Guitars Left Handed Vote 2

So now that we know which models we get to choose from, what’s next? Vote two will determine the color that each guitar will be finished in.

For each guitar you will be able to choose one of 4-5 different colors.

It’s worth noting that the right handed versions only come in a choice of two colors, so there’s a chance to pick something that the righties won’t be able to get their grubby paws on. (For now at least…)

Head to the link below to cast your vote.

Chapman Guitars Southpaw Vote Part 2

Check back in a week or two to find out which colors were victorious!

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