A Complete Custom Electric Guitar Build DVD Review

At some point in your journey as a guitar player you will come to a place where you know exactly what specification of guitar you need but you just can’t find what you need anywhere.  As a result many players will resort to dropping some serious cash on having a luthier build them their dream guitar.  But what if you can’t afford the thousands of dollars it would take to have your ultimate axe created? Anthony Dewar is here to point you in the right direction with his DVD which aims to show you exactly how to build your very own guitar!

The DVD which is entitled ‘A Complete Custom Electric Guitar Build’ carries the tag line ‘From Tree to Guitar’ because it starts at the absolute beginnings of creating a guitar, i.e chopping down your tree and prepping the wood!  No detail is left out in this 3.5 hour masterclass by Anthony.

Throughout the video Anthony demonstrates the process of building a 3-piece neck-thru guitar of his own design.  Over the course of the DVD you will learn how to fell a tree, prepare the wood in your own homemade DIY kiln, how to radius the neck, how to make custom mother of pearl inlays, how to solder, how to gold plate hardware, how to create a mirror finish and much much more.  You will also learn how to avoid mistakes such as accidentally gluing the guitar to your workbench (yes, Anthony does this and it’s funny as hell!).

The DVD also comes with an accompanying booklet which details some of the more complex ideas presented in the video.  It also contains a list of suppliers from around the world where you can purchase all of the necessary tools and parts needed to build your guitar.

Even if you have no intentions of building your own custom guitar and have decided to have a professional do the job for you, the knowledge you gain from this DVD will aid you in communicating and solidifying your requirements to your luthier.

Check out the preview video below for a quick summary of what is shown over the course of the DVD.

This DVD is an absolute must have for any guitar player – even if you have no intention of building your own instrument!  The information you acquire will not only put you in a great position to build your own guitar, it will also help you to understand your instrument at a much higher level.  Buy it now ;)

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