Early 2017 Gibson USA Lefties Now Available?

Want to get your hands on a 2017 left handed Gibson USA, much earlier than anyone else?

The new 2017 Gibson USA lefties aren’t supposed to begin production until next month. BUT! Amazon USA has managed to somehow grab a handful of the new models much earlier! They’re in stock right now, so if you want to be the first to own one head to the link below.

At the time of writing, there are several SGs and Les Pauls available. They did also have 3 or 4 more Les Pauls, but these have already been snapped up by eagle-eyed southpaws.

Click here to check them out, or hit the image below.

GearNuts Left Handed 2017 Left Paul

If none of these float your boat, check out the full 2017 Gibson range to see what else is expected next year.

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