ESP Left Handed Guitars and Basses

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ESP is a Japanese manufacturer of guitars, founded in 1975 by Hisatake Shibuya in Tokyo.  The company started out by providing custom replacement parts for guitars, but very quickly built a name for themselves after introducing their own high-end guitar designs.  Today ESP is one of the world’s most popular guitar brands for players of heavier music.

Last year we gave up trying to find out exactly which guitars ESP offered left handed, after wasting too much time trying to contact their non-existent USA customer service department.  However this year we were able to obtain a list of guitars from the UK division – huzzah!

ESP Left Handed Guitars

So what do we know now?  Well despite what their website would have you believe, ESP is actually a very lefty friendly company indeed, albeit with a slight price hike tacked on top.

For a 10% increase on the RRP you can order any Standard or Original Series ESP guitar or bass in a left handed option.  These guitars will generally be made to order, however a small number of popular models are kept in stock most of the time.

Left Handed ESP Guitars Bass Lefty Custom

To see exactly which guitars and basses fall under the Standard and Original Series ranges, follow this link.
ESP Japan Website

ESP Custom Shop

If one of the Original or Standard Series guitars do not satisfy your needs then there is always the ESP Custom Shop.  However a guitar from there will cost you one arm and one leg.

ESP Website

The ESP (USA) website is a complete disaster when it comes to catering for left handed guitarists.  There is a vague note in the site FAQ about contacting your dealer for further information – but honestly, you’d think that one of the biggest guitar companies in the world would be able to take ten minutes to put a quick note on their product pages, or at the very least on their FAQ page.  Still, we’ll forgive them on the grounds that they make killer guitars ;)

For more information:
ESP Guitars Website

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