LTD by ESP Left Handed Guitars & Basses 2013

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ESP is a Japanese manufacturer of guitars, founded in 1975 by Hisatake Shibuya in Tokyo.   In 1996 ESP launched LTD, a new subsidiary brand which offered similar quality to the ESP range but at a more affordable price point.

LTD have definitely upped their game for 2013 by offering considerably more left handed models than in previous years.  The information below is taken from the 2013 ESP USA catalogue so expect availability to differ depending on where you live. Check back soon for an updated list as more guitars are announced.

ESP LTD Elite Left Handed Guitars

ESP Ltd Elite Left Handed Guitars

3. M-II
4. ST-1
5. ST-1 EMG

ESP LTD Left Handed Electric Guitars

ESP LTD 2013 Left Handed Guitar Bass

1. EC-1000 Vintage Black
2. EC-1000QM See Thru Black Cherry
3. EC-1000 Silver Sunburst
4. EC-401FM Reindeer Blue
5. EC-401 Olympic White
6. EC-330 Black
7. EC-256FM Lemon Drop
8. EC-100QM See Thru Black Cherry
9. EC-50 Black Satin
10. EC-50 Black Cherry
11. AX-50 Black Satin
12. Alexi-200 Black
13. Viper 100FM See Thru Black
14. TE-202 3-Tone Burst
15. MH-350NT See Thru Black
16. MH-50 Black
17. M-100FM See Thru Black
18. M-50 Black Satin
19. Snakebyte Snow White
20. KH-602 Black
21. H-101FM Amber Sunburst
22. F-50 Black
23. EX-360 Black
24. EX-50 Black

ESP LTD Left Handed Bass Guitars

ESP LTD Left Handed Bass Guitars 2013 Lefty

1. D-4 Natural Satin
2. B-204SM Natural Satin
3. B-55 Black
4. B-50 Black

ESP LTD Left Handed Acoustic Guitars

AC-10E Natural Gloss – currently no image

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