Fender American Design Experience

From their modular designs to their interchangeable pickups, Fender guitars are made to be personalized. Now you can become a part of this rich tradition and turn your own vision into reality with the new Fender American Design Experience.

Use Fender‘s new American Design guitar builder interface to design your very own, personalised guitar or bass and they will build it for you in their California factory! The great news is that lefties haven’t been omitted – and there’s no up-charge either. At the moment the choice of options isn’t exactly overwhelming, but you can still come up with some pretty unique designs with what is available. There’s even an option to add custom neckplate engraving for $25 extra. I was able to come up with the HSS Strat below within a few minutes, which came in at a respectable $1850 including hardcase and quite a few upgrades.

Fender American Design Experience

Once you’ve designed your dream Fender you can either save and share your creation, download a sweet high resolution desktop wallpaper, or you know…buy it! At the time of writing this service only offers Strats, Teles, Jazzes and Precisions and unfortunately they will only ship to the USA – although obviously there are ways around that.

Now if only they’d see it fit to add Jazzmasters, Mustangs, Jaguars and the like to this… ;)

Thanks to Dean on our Facebook page for the heads-up about this exciting new service!

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