Fret Label Installation Tips

Thanks for purchasing the Fret Labels. Below are the installation instructions.

The layout of the sheet is very simple and is designed to make the placing of the stickers as straightforward as possible.

Fret Label Stickers Layout

As you can see above the labels are laid out by string and fret number.  For example the ‘A’ string 1st fret will be ‘A#”, 2nd fret is ‘B’ and so on and so forth.  Once you have the first sticker down just work your way along the line, no thinking involved!  Don’t worry if your guitar doesn’t have 25 frets (most don’t), you can keep these as extra spares.  The top line on the sheet is 25 extra fret labels for you in case you lose one.

I would highly suggest just placing the first 12 frets of stickers down as the notes will repeat themselves after the 12th fret – once you learn the first 12 frets, you automatically know the next 12! Due to the smaller spacing in the higher frets your fingers are more likely to come in contact with the stickers so placing them on the first 12 frets only will eliminate this problem.  I will leave it up to you!

Fret Labels For Guitar

If you are a perfectionist like me you may wish to cut out each ‘string’ to ensure you don’t crease any labels when working on other ‘strings’. Also rather than taking your guitar strings off I recommend simply loosening them to enable you to still see the line of the string when placing the labels down.  This will give a neater look than guesswork alone. I also suggest placing the labels flush with the back of the fret.  This will result in a neater look and will also aid in promoting correct finger placement. Also try to ensure that stickers don’t bend over the side of the fretboard on the high and low E-strings as this may result in you accidentally peeling them off when bending strings.

Fret Labels For Guitar

After some initial experimenting I found that using tweezers worked well for me.  Using the tweezers rather than my fingers prevented any premature smudging or wear on the labels.  I found the best method was to lightly drop the label in place and position it with the tweezers before pressing it down in position. You’ll get the hang of it as you go!

The most important idea to take from this guide is to install the labels at the back of the frets and away from the fretboard edges.  This is to avoid all finger contact and therefore any potential wear.

If you feel that I’ve left anything out from this guide please leave a comment or use the contact page form to get in touch.

Help me help you! Would you be just as happy with the first 12 frets covered by the labels rather than up to 25? Once you reach the 12th frets the notes will repeat themselves in the same pattern and personally I feel they are not needed in the label set.  This would also decrease installation time.  What are your thoughts?

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