Grip Studios Guitar Hanger Review

Now this is a real conversation starter! This week I was very kindly sent an exquisitely designed guitar hanger from a company called Grip Studios in the United States.

Grip Studios produce a range of different hand-shaped guitar hangers ranging from factory made models, to elegantly hand-carved and hand-painted artist originals.  I received their silver ‘Metal Mayhem’ design which features a glossy silver finish.

What’s In the Box?

Out of the box you are immediately struck by the detail in the model as all of the little lines and creases are present and accounted for, and the hand features some impressive bulging veins.  I’m not sure what the hangers are made from but there’s certainly a good weight behind them, they feel very solidly made and are certainly more than up to the task of holding up a guitar.

Grip Studios Guitar Hanger - Metal Mayhem

As you can see in the image above, the hanger is fixed to the wall by a single long screw and has some black felt padding at the base of the screw to protect your wall from damage.  The part of the hanger which will come into contact with your guitar is covered in very soft black rubber to prevent any damage to your guitar’s finish.


Installation is as simple as screwing it into your wall.  Because of the single screw design it is obviously preferable to find a stud in your wall to affix the hanger, but through the use of the proper wall anchors you could virtually attach this anywhere.  The only tool you will need is a drill with a 3/16” bit to make the starter hole.

Grip Studios Metal MAyhem Guitar Hanger Review

In Use

Once on the wall I gave the hanger some fairly hefty abuse to make sure it would stand up to the job at hand – it wasn’t going anywhere!  It almost seemed a shame to cover this up with a guitar as it really looks like a wicked piece of art on display.

The hand holds your guitar perfectly straight and a good 3-4 inches away from the wall.  For guitars with a non-symmetrical headstock design it’s just a case of twisting the hanger until your guitar hangs straight.  All of my guitars fit like a glove, however it’s probably worth noting that my 7-string and classical were a fairly tight fit. Headless guitars will be plum out of luck, but then again they aren’t going to fit in any hangers are they?

The Grip Studios hanger looks great on my wall and I can only imagine that having a whole team of them holding up all of my guitars would look the absolute business.  Go-go gadget Photoshop!

A sample of guitars hanging with the Grip Studios hanger


Obviously the design isn’t going to appeal to everyone, but these are a sure-fire way to add some spice to your guitar room. It does the job perfectly and looks fantastic up on my wall – recommended!  Get your guitars off the floor and into safe hands (sorry). And even if you don’t play, they’d make some damn cool coat hangers!

The hands start at $30 and finish off at around $200 for the one-of-a-kind artist originals.  Left and right hand models are available – check out a few of the other models in the image below.

A sample of other Grip Studios guitar hangers

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