New Ibanez Limited Edition Guitars

Good news! It would seem that the RG721 I told you about a couple of weeks ago isn’t the only limited edition lefty which Ibanez are bringing out this year!

Ibanez UK have updated the left handed section on their website today, and I’ve spotted quite a few new limited edition lefty models which I haven’t seen before.

And do you know what’s extra awesome about these new guitars? Not a gloss black model in sight! I wonder if Ibanez spotted the flow chart I posted last year…

Ibanez Left Handed Limited Edition Guitars 2015
From left to right: RG721FML, AS153L, AR42oL, GSR200BL, AEW40LCD, TCM50L

Check out the full specifications of each guitar at the links below

  1. Ibanez RG721FML
  2. Ibanez AS153L
  3. Ibanez AR420L
  4. Ibanez GSR200BL
  5. Ibanez AEW40LCD
  6. TCM50L

To see the entire range of left handed Ibanez models currently available, you can check out the Ibanez UK website here. Ibanez have started to do that annoying thing where they forward you to a country specific page depending on your location.  So if you don’t live there, you may have to navigate to the UK site using the link at the bottom of the page.

As with the RG721FML, I can only see these guitars for pre-order on European and Australian/NZ stores. Fingers crossed that some (or all!) will make it across the pond as well. Keep an eye on that USA website…

Unannounced Limited Edition Models

Ibanez USA has recently dropped a hint on their Facebook page that a new left handed Prestige model is on the way this summer. Possibly this guy. Unless they’re just being incredibly mean, we might see an Ibanez RG655ML left handed guitar at some point soon.

Ibanez RG655ML Left Handed Guitar

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