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    Are you self-taught or did you learn from a teacher? If self taught how did you learn your skills?

    What made you decide to pick left handed guitar rather than learning right handed? Did anyone ever try to persuade you to learn right handed?

    A lot of our readers are fiercely proud of being left handed, do you feel the same way?

    Do you ever wish you had learned right handed instead?

    How easy/difficult is it to obtain a left handed guitar in your country?

    What to you is the most frustrating aspect of being a lefty player?

    Being a lefty player do you ever get any strange reactions?

    Equipment Questions

    Is there any guitar you wish was available left handed?

    What is your favorite guitar brand and why?

    What is your current main guitar and why?

    What has been your favorite guitar owned so far?

    Do you have any plans for your next guitar purchase?

    Could you give us a brief run-down of your equipment setup? i.e amps, effects, picks, strings...whatever you would like to mention.

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    Thanks for taking time out to answer our questions!

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