Jordi Pinyol – Insight From a Pro Lefty Player

Jordi Pinyol is a professional guitar player from Spain and most importantly a fellow lefty.  Jordi was kind enough to take some time out from his busy schedule to answer some questions, I hope you can take something from his insights!

Thanks for taking time out to answer our questions!

A pleasure! It’s great to find websites like this about lefty guitar players. We also exist!!!! Thanks for helping! :-)

Are you self-taught or did you learn from a teacher?

I have been lucky to have great teachers along the way.  Being self-taught means that you need to get the information by yourself, but it doesn’t matter how you get it – in the end this info comes from anyone, and they become our teachers. Be it your private teacher, or some book you found, or some dude posting videos on the web, or some guitarpro files… and of course, the greatest teachers of all are the great guitar players, like Hendrix, Van Halen, Clapton, Django etc… I always try to learn things from everywhere and everyone. There’s always something new that you can learn out there…

What made you decide to pick lefty guitar rather than learning righty?

As soon I as I got my hands on my first guitar, which was a classical guitar, it just felt right for me to play it lefty. Even though I didn’t know how to play anything it just was comfortable for me holding the guitar as lefty, and felt strange and wrong as a righty. So my father and I just decided to change the strings and the problem was solved. No one tried to persuade me to play right handed, and it would have been a great mistake if someone had tried to do it.

And just a thought… after hearing Hendrix, why should anyone in the world try to make you play right handed if you are lefty? I hate those teachers that try to convince their lefty students to play right handed because it’s easier for them to give them lessons… go and listen to Jimi and start doing things right!

A lot of our readers are fiercely proud of being left handed, are you the same?

I just feel proud of being a guitar player jaja. Sometimes I hate being a lefty, when I see second hand guitars sold on the web like Tom Anderson, Suhr or Tyler. And sometimes I feel lucky I don’t have to lend my guitars to anyone jaja.

Do you ever wish you had learned right handed instead?

Never. I would play 50% or less than what I can play now.

How easy/difficult is it to obtain a left handed guitar in Spain?

Easy, but you have to order it and wait until it arrives.

What to you is the most frustrating aspect of being a lefty player?

Definitely not being able to get guitars you would love to have. It can be very frustrating sometimes.

Being a lefty player do you ever get any strange reactions?

Not at all.

Is there any guitar you wish was available left handed?

Yes. James Tyler.

What is your favorite guitar brand and why?

Suhr, Tom Anderson, James Tyler, and Fender of course. I also like Heritage and Gibson. I love strats and teles and those brands make great superstrats and superteles. I love their sound. And I own a Suhr classic, which is amazingly crafted. Sounds amazing, is comfortable, and has the greatest neck I have ever played on. I love it

What is your current main guitar and why?

Suhr Classic. It’s just amazing, and more versatile than my other ones. I also use my Fender American Deluxe Strat a lot when don’t feel like taking out my Suhr. Let’s say my Suhr is the Rolls Royce and my Fender is the 4×4 jaja.

Do you have any plans for your next guitar purchase?

Yes. Tom Anderson or James Tyler (if possible)

Can you recommend any other left handed artists or players for us to check out?

There’s a great lefty player in Barcelona named Miguel Pino. He’s an endorser of Music Man guitars and he’s amazing. There’s also a lefty woman named Susan Santos playing and singing with her own band, she’s also an endorser of George Amps like me.

Could you give us a brief run-down of your equipment setup?

I have 2 setups… the big one is a Divided by 13 cabinet, JJN 50/100 (don’t know exactly if that’s the name of the model) which can run on 100W or 50W. I use it with a 4×12 speaker by Divided also, or with one or two 1×12 Bogner cabinets. Then I have a great combo amp, from GEORGE AMPS, with whom I am an endorser artist. In both cases I use the clean channel and pedals in front of it…

I have two pedalboards – a bigger one, and a smaller one. I use one or the other depending on the gig.
Bigger one: Keely Compressor, Vox Wah, Xotic BB preamp, Hermida’s Zendrive, Fulltone OCD, Analogman Bi-Chorus, Carl Martin surftrem, T-Rex Replica delay, Boss TU2 tuner, Xotic RC Booster, ISP Decimator, T-Rex fuel tank.
Smaller one: Hotcake, Fulltone Fulldrive, Suhr Riot, Retrosonic Chorus & Vibrato, Retrosonic Analog Delay, TC Electronics Polytune, Xotic RC Booster and ISP Decimator (those 2 are the same from the other pedalboard). Also use a Boss volume pedal depending on the gig (FV500 I think, the big metal one)

Jim Dunlop Big Stuby (2mm). I also used Jim Dunlops 1.14 picks for a long time.

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