How To Paint A Guitar With Spray Cans

Have you ever wanted to get a custom airbrushed paintjob on your guitar but couldn’t quite afford the artist’s fees?  Why not learn how to paint a guitar yourself!

John Gleneicki’s new Wicked Airbrush DVD which will show you all you need to know about creating jaw-dropping designs on your guitar!  Hell, us leftys are supposed to be the creative ones right? ;)

As a lefty player it can often be arduous trying to get a guitar in the exact finish you desire without going down the expensive custom designed route.  John Gleneicki recognises the passion that some people have to get creative with their instruments and sells a variety of instructional media aimed at teaching you how to customize your guitar.

How To Paint A Guitar

I started off dabbling in painting guitars through using John’s ebook How To Create a Factory Guitar Finish with Just A Couple of Spray Cans, but recently I had been feeling like kicking things up a notch.  So I picked up his DVD from the new Wicked Airbrush Series which introduces you to the world of airbrushing and aims to show you step by step how to create a U.S Flamed Flag paint job.  It’s maybe not a paint-job for everyone but this complicated design ensures that every technique is covered throughout the DVD.

Learn To Paint this Flamed US Flag Airbrush Design!

A Complete Introduction to Airbrushing

Upon purchasing the DVD you will immediately be given access to download John’s e-book ‘A Complete Guide to Airbrushing’ to give you some swatting material to peruse whilst waiting on the DVD.  This 70 page booklet will teach you all you need to know about getting started with airbrushing so that when your DVD arrives you will be ready to rock.  It covers topics such as the different types of airbrush, maintenance, paints, compressors, accessories and the best ways of practicing your art.

Wicked Airbrush – U.S Flamed Flag Guitar DVD

The DVD arrived within a week and all you readers outside of the USA and Canada will be glad to hear that there was no Duty Tax for me to pay in the UK.

The DVD itself runs for approximately 90 minutes and covers the entire paint job – from start to finish.  It’s worth noting that it is in Region1 NTSC format and so international buyers may need to play it on their computer.

John thoroughly explains every step of the process, making it very easy for someone who has never airbrushed before to follow.

Topics Covered in the DVD

  • Creating the Design
  • Masking Products
  • Paints
  • Creating Flames
  • Vinyl Cut Masking
  • Working with Semi-Opaque Paint
  • Spraying Transparent Paint
  • Creating Shadows and Highlights

Click here to watch the Airbrush DVD Trailer (located near bottom of page)

Learn to Airbrush Paint Your Guitar with a new Finish

If you want to get started in the world of airbrushing then this DVD is an absolute must have.  Even if you have no desire (or the skill) to airbrush your own guitar, this DVD is still worth the purchase just to watch how it’s done.

If you’re not quite up to the task of airbrushing then maybe one of John’s more simple refinishing ebooks will pique your interests.  Or if you don’t want to paint at all John also sells custom-made full body decals which can simply be placed onto your guitar.

The airbrush DVD/e-book package is currently $24.95 + shipping

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