21 Important Insider Articles for New Lefty Guitarists

20 Articles for New Left Handed Guitar Players

Just got a guitar for Christmas?  Or perhaps you’re still pondering over taking up the instrument and need a little nudge in the right direction?  Well this article is aimed directly at you my friend!  We’ve had a rifle through our archives to bring you this list of 20 useful articles for new players.

Useful Article For New Left Handed Guitarists

Which Way To Play?

Should I Learn Guitar Right or Left Handed? Unsure if you should be playing lefty or righty?  This guide will show you a few simple tests which will help you make the all important decision.

Top 9 Left Handed Guitarist Advantages Fed up with people trying their best to convince you that playing southpaw is the absolute worst decision you could possibly make?  Here are 9 situations where being left handed is a definite plus!

The Mirror Effect and Learning Guitar Left Handed Due to the mirror effect, most fledgling southpaw guitarists will actually find it easier when learning to play!

Myth Busted! Learning Guitar Left Handed is Harder? There is a lot of false information floating around the internet in regards to learning to play lefty.  This article will hopefully serve to clear up some of these misconceptions which seem to unfortunately crop up on a daily basis.

Getting Started

Newbie Guitarist Series This simple 8-part guide will teach you everything you need to know in order to get started playing guitar.  Choosing guitars, amps, pedals, learning materials – it’s all in here!

How To Correctly String a Lefty Guitar Because you’ve got to start out at the very basics!

Restringing A Right Handed Guitar Left Handed Many new players will opt to restring a family member’s right handed guitar upside down when starting out.  Find out why this is not necessarily the best idea!


JamPlay Learn to play guitar at your own pace with TrueFire – the world’s largest online guitar lesson website.  I use TrueFire personally and highly recommend them!

Parts Of A Guitar Check out my handy guitar parts diagrams and in-depth explanations to learn how a guitar actually works.

Interactive Lefty Guitar Chord Diagrams Reading normal chord charts shouldn’t be a problem for most.  But just to help you get off on the right foot we’ve provided this interactive chart showing some of the most common chords in a left handed format.  Click the chords to hear how they should sound!

The Minor Pentatonic Scale – Left Handed Diagrams As above – learn some simple scales in a left handed format.

Left Handed Powerchord Chart For Guitarists The staple of any rock and metal guitar player – learn how to play the almighty powerchord!

Useful Internet Resources For Guitar Players A compendium of essential websites that any guitarist will find invaluable. Learning resources, online tuners, metronomes, backing tracks and much more!

The Guitar Acronym and Abbreviation List Do you know your OHSC from your FMT? Our comprehensive list of guitar abbreviations and acronyms will sort you out!

The Guitar Doctor Will See You Now… Playing guitar can be very stressful on the body if care is not taken to promote correct technique.  Set yourself up for an injury free guitar career by reading up on some of the most common ailments.


Left Handed Guitar Database Our comprehensive guitar database lists many of the different manufacturers and luthiers from around the world, and shows exactly what guitars they make available left handed.

Left Handed Guitar Store Directory A list of some of the more lefty friendly guitar stores from around the world.

How To Find The Best Left Handed Guitars on eBay Buying second hand is one of the most cost effective routes to getting started with guitar.  Use our clever search techniques to find the hidden gems and whittle out the chaff.

8 Top Methods To Get The Cheapest Deals on eBay These tips will help you get the best deals when shopping on eBay – straightforward, and some downright devious ideas!

Lefty Guitars For Kids – 3/4 Sized Models Getting your child their first guitar?  Check out our list of smaller 3/4 sized guitars.

Lefty Guitars For Kids – 1/2 Sized Models Buying for very young children?  Maybe a 1/2 sized guitar is what you need!

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