Chapman Left Handed ML2 Thomann Special Edition Guitar

Chapman Guitars has once again launched a vote for a new left handed guitar – why not help design the next southpaw sensation?

The company recently announced that they had teamed up with Euro powerhouse Thomann to produce a stripped back workhorse version of their popular ML-2 Pro Modern. Chapman has decided to release one of these as a left handed version, and the vote is now live on their website!

Let’s take a look at the current voting options…

Chapman Left Handed ML2 Thomann Special Edition Guitar

Chapman Left Handed ML2 Thomann Edition Guitars

First of all there are 3 options when it comes to the body and neck wood combinations. Choose from either all mahogany, swamp ash body with maple neck, or a more traditional all mahogany construction.

Next we get to choose what type of bridge pickup we’re after – either a humbucker or P90.

Finally there are 5 color options to pick from – lunar, deep cherry, lunar gold, slate grey, or teal. All fantastic choices for a bit of traditional, classic vibe.

There may be additional rounds of voting at a later date, but now for – get your choices in!

For more information:
Chapman Guitars Voting Page