Official Fender Guitar and Bass Bodies Now Available

Fender has recently opened up an area on their website which offers bodies and necks from many of their popular guitars and basses.  They have been slowly adding to their selection with their more recent addition being left handed guitar and bass bodies, as well as a few necks!

Currently available are American Standard Stratocaster, Telecaster, Precision bass and Jazz bass bodies.  All bodies are available in a small selection of colors and are priced at $399.99 USD.

And as for necks – there are American Standard Jazz bass, Precision bass, Telecaster and Stratocaster necks available.  At the moment only maple bass and Telecaster necks are available.  You are offered the choice of either rosewood or maple for Strats.  A left handed Fender neck will set you back $499.99 USD.

Fender Official Left Handed Guitar and Bass Bodies

For more information:
Fender Web Store – note: this store is only available to USA customers.