Gibson : Left Handed Guitars and Basses 2015

UPDATE SEPTEMBER 2016 : Gibson Are Making Lefties For 2017!

Exciting news! After a three year drought, Gibson USA are once again making left handed guitars. Click here to get a sneak peek at the new range of lefties.


Ah Gibson, what are you doing to us?

Last year was an interesting year for left handed guitars from Gibson.  We were initially informed (by Gibson customer service no less!) that every single 2014 USA guitar and bass would be be available left handed. Good times!  We threw a little party, did a little dancing – everyone was feeling good! I was planning to get the Derek Trucks SG myself, very exciting!

A month or so later they decided to change their minds. No lefty USA models at all.  Was it something we said?

No Guitars For You!

I’d already spent what felt like an eternity making some nice images to show off the huge 2014 range I was initially promised. So I have to admit I was kinda peeved about that. I say ‘peeved’. You try cutting out one hundred and twenty three Gibsons and converting them all to lefties.  Then see if peeved describes your mood.

Never mind.  We’ve suffered through the drought for a year, hoping that 2015 would bring happier times. Fingers crossed and all that jazz eh?

Left Handed Gibson USA Guitars and Basses 2015

So.  Are things looking more peachy for 2015?

2015 Gibson USA Left Handed Guitars and Basses


Gibson Custom Shop Left Handed Guitars

Luckily there’s still the Custom Shop! The Gibson Custom shop produces a small number of left handed guitars every year. I emailed Gibson to find out exactly what was available.  Here is a copy of what I was told…

I’ve spoken with the Custom Shop, and they indicated that very few of the models are produced regularly in left-handed- only the most popular historic Reissue Les Paul models, though many of the guitars are available by special order.  Unfortunately, the Explorer, Firebird, and Flying V Custom Shop models are not available in left-handed, in addition to the Artist Signature models.  As there is not an organized list of left-handed models, please feel free to let me know if there were specific models you were interested in, and I’ll be more than happy to check on them for you.

Gibson Website

This is the part of the article where I usually link to the company website, but you probably don’t need that do you?

PS.  Gibson, if you happen to read this article – I love you really.  I’m sure you have a good reason for shunning us southpaws again, but throw us a bone eh? A couple of Les Paul Studios or Standards at least!

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