Instagram Pages Lefty Guitarists NEED To Follow

Did you know that LeftyFretz is now on Instagram?

I’ve only had the page a couple of weeks or so, but it’s already proving to be a lot of fun! Although i’m a newbie to the platform, I’ve already discovered a bunch of awesome lefty guitar related channels that I wanted to share.

The list below includes the specialist lefty guitar stores from around the globe, some channels which feature southpaw content, and a handful of awesome lefty artists who’ve popped up in my feed.

Make sure to give them a follow! I’m sure I’ve missed a ton of good ones, so please shoot me an email and let me know who to add!

Instagram Pages Left Handed Guitarists Need To Follow

instagram left handed guitar pages to follow

1. @LeftyFretz

Recently when I carried out our reader survey quite a few people asked for a LeftyFretz Instagram page, so I made one! I am trying to post once or twice daily, so if you’re after even more lefty content why not give me a follow.

I would love to start sharing some of your guitar photos/videos, so tag me and use #leftyfretz so that I can find you!

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2. @SouthpawGuitars

If you’re a left handed guitarist and use Instagram then you’re probably gonna want to follow the world’s largest lefty guitar store, right?

Jim and the guys regularly post photos of their latest arrivals, happy customers with their news axes, as well as some fun behind the scenes action.

Click To Follow Southpaw Guitars

3. @LeftyGuitarsOnly

Another USA lefty specialist for you. This is the one to follow if you’re into your high-end lefty guitars. Vic regularly posts mouth-watering photos of his new guitars, many of which are unlike anything you’ve probably seen before.

Expect to see a lot of PRS, Duesenberg, Fender Custom Shop, Santa Cruz, Collings, and other highly respected brands.

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4. @Leftyrocks

This is the account for UK based southpaw specialist Left For Dead. Paul runs the UK’s ONLY left handed guitar shop, so this is a great account to follow for those in Europe or thereabouts.

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5. @LeGaucherParis

Le Gaucher is a French lefty guitar specialist, and like me they have only just started out on Instagram.

Expect brands such as Schecter, PRS, Gretsch, Ibanez, Fender, ESP and more!

Click To Follow LeGaucherParis

6. @TaniguchiGakki

Taniguchi Gakki is an amazing store in Japan which always has mouth-watering lefties in stock. Check them out and you’ll be treated to guitars that you might not have heard of before.

They do also seem to also post a lot of harmonicas though…

Click To Follow TaniguchiGakki

7. @LeftyGuitarsDaily

LeftyGuitarsDaily is an account that reposts tons of the juiciest southpaw guitar photos from around Instagram. As a result it’s a great place to find other lefties to follow on the platform!

On average there looks to be around 3-4 posts every day, so there should plenty to keep you interested!

Click To Follow LeftyGuitarsDaily

8. @TheLeftyGuitarChannel

This is a new channel run by UK guitarist Chris George, who you might recognise as being Marshall’s product demonstrator for many years. He also won Guitarist Magazine’s ‘Young Guitarist of The Year Award’ when he was 16!

On The Lefty Guitar Channel Chris reviews his awesome southpaw collection and interviews other well known lefty artists. There is also a YouTube channel which you’ll probably want to check out as well.

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9. @IbanezLeftyClub

If you’re left handed and an Ibanez fan then this channel is a no-brainer follow! Here you’ll find regular content showing off guitars from both past and present.

They also have a Facebook page.

Click To Follow IbanezLeftyClub

10. @InTheBlues_

You’ll probably recognise Shane from the InTheBlues YouTube channel, where you will find a ton of guitar review and tutorial videos.

Follow Shane on Instagram for a lot of lefty guitar content as well as general gear reviews and behind the scenes action.

Click To Follow InTheBlues_

11. @PauloMoreteOficial

Paulo Morete is the guitarist for Spanish bands Absenci and InMune, and is endorsed by a plethora of brands including PRS, DV Mark, Aclam, Morley and more!

Expect plentiful photos and videos of his amazing lefty PRS collection. He has the best singlecut I have ever seen…

Click To Follow PauloMoreteOficial

12. @FelixMartinMusic

Show Felix Martin your guitar and he’ll probably reply with “oh, that’s cute“. If you’re after some lefty content that is truly unique, then you could do worse than to follow the Los Angeles based double-fretboard, tapping wizard!

Felix has also recently launched his own guitar company where you can buy your very own left handed, double-fingerboard instrument.

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13. @MalinaMoye

Like one of my favourite artists Eric Gales, Malina Moye plays left handed but strings her guitars upside down. She is endorsed by Fender and is best known for rocking her custom seafoam green Strat.

You can see that guitar and the rest of her collection on Instagram.

Click To Follow MalinaMoye

14. @MikeyDemus

Mikey Demus is the southpaw axemeister from Skindred and co-owner of pedal brand Redbeard Effects. He has a brilliant collection of lefty guitars, many of which you can see in action of his account.

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So which left handed Instagram guitar channels did I miss? Send me an email! Or y’know…DM me on Insta.

And don’t forget to tag #leftyfretz on Instagram!

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