Full Body Zakk Wylde Vinyl Decal Kit Review

Last week I talked about a new DVD I had picked up which teaches the basics on how to airbrush stunning designs onto your lefty guitar.  But what if you don’t have any artistic talent and just want to inexpensively and effectively transform the appearance of your guitar?  A custom designed full-body vinyl decal kit could be the solution for you!  This week I tried my hand at applying one myself – with great results!

Full body vinyl decal kits are a fantastic way of completely changing your guitar’s appearance without breaking the bank.  Various different designs are available online, but one of the most popular has got to be the Zakk Wylde Bullseye graphic – and this is the one I have opted for. After all, it’s not often you see a left handed guitar with a bullseye paintjob!

The particular decal I got was bought from Triple S Signs here in Scotland through their eBay Store.  They don’t currently have any decals listed but if you shoot them an email they will be able to accommodate your needs, just make sure to ask for a left handed one!  The price is £9.95 + £2.95 P&P and the decal can be printed in any color you would like – I was advised to get the black as they thought it would accentuate the flame finish on my guitar.

The Kit[singlepic id=75 w=180 h=180 float=]

The decal comes as one large vinyl sticker but only the stripes are the actual decal, the rest is simply the two protective layers.  In the image to the right only the black stripes are the actual parts that will be applied to the guitar.  So you will need to take into account which color will be the best match for your particular guitar when ordering.

Preparation[singlepic id=74 w=180 h=180 float=]

I decided to individually cut out each section so that I could more easily alter each piece to fit my particular guitar.  As you can see, some of the stripes overlapped certain parts of the guitar and it was therefore necessary to trim some areas to fit.  I also decided to remove all of the guitar’s hardware to aid in positioning each section.


The decals are really simple to apply, if a little bit fiddly!  The area in which the decal is to be applied is sprayed with a light mist of soapy water so that it can still be repositioned around into the correct placement.  Once the vinyl was in place I used a credit card to smooth it out and remove any air bubbles.  Rinse and repeat for the rest of the kit.  Easy!

[singlepic id=76 w=180 h=180 float=]Once the entire kit was in place there was still some overhang where the vinyl was hanging off the side of the guitar body.  I trimmed these down using a craft knife and left the whole thing to better adhere for a few hours.

After this, all that was left to do was to remove the protective layer of transfer tape on top.  Doing this reveals the glossy vinyl below and completes the process.

The Result

The final result is nothing short of awesome – the guitar looks fantastic.  I haven’t made a perfect job of it (it could do with being moved back around 10mm) but unless you were right up next to the guitar you would have no idea it was just a sticker.  My guitar also finally has a name – may I present to you the newly christened BumbleBee ;)  What do you think?

Left Handed Zakk Wylde Bullseye Guitar Lefty

If you want to try this out for yourself, contact Triple S Signs through their eBay store

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