LeftyFretz Reader Polls – The Results

Over the past month or so we have been running a series of weekly polls on the site, hoping to find out exactly what makes an average LeftyFretz reader.  The results have been very interesting, so a big thanks to those of you who took a few seconds to vote over the past month!

Keep in mind that each of these polls are only week long snapshots of visitor information, so take them with a pinch of salt!  They’re just a bit of fun, so take from them what you will ;)

Lefty?  Righty?  A Bit of Both?

In this survey we wanted to see what percentage of readers were lefty guitarists, and also how the hand that you write with relates to the hand that you play guitar with.  A whopping 96.3% of you are left handed guitarists, with 80.4% being left handed writers and 15.9% being right handed writers.  An interesting point was raised by a reader on the Facebook page, who mentioned that he was forced to write right handed as a child.  Since the days of left hand discrimination in schools are now over, we’d probably find that the number of left handed guitarists would consist of a higher number of left handed writers if we ran the poll again in 50 years.

Left Handed Guitar Poll Survey Question

How Many Guitars Do You Own?

This poll aimed to find out the average number of guitars owned by a LeftyFretz reader.  It would seem that the majority of you own between 2 and 8 guitars, with the highest vote slightly favoring the ‘6 to 8‘ bracket. However 8 seems to be the maximum for most of you as the numbers tail off significantly at collections of over 8 guitars.

How Many Left Handed Guitars Do You Own?

Which Brands Do You Own?

This poll should definitely be taken with a pinch of salt as obviously people are likely to own more than one guitar from a particular brand.  We’ve no doubt missed out some popular names, but this list consisted of what I thought were the biggest players in the guitar world.  The votes for ‘Other’ were always going to win as everyone has a guitar from a lesser known brand somewhere.  So discounting those numbers, the prize for most popular brand has to be split between Ibanez and Fender with 13.8% of voters owning one or the other (16.6% if you don’t count ‘Other’).  I guess that if you lumped in Squier and other Fender owned brands then they would come out on top, but for individual brand names it was a draw between these 2 powerhouses.

Popular Left Handed Guitar Brands Best

Out of the 20 brands in this poll I was really surprised to see that not a single one of the 261 voters owned a Suhr!  Everyone seems to be jumping on the Suhr bandwagon at the moment so that was a bit of a shock.

If you voted for ‘Other‘ I’d be interested to see which brands that category consists of.  Leave a comment below telling me which brands you own that weren’t included in this survey!

Which Musical Styles Do You Play?

The final poll was put up to try and discover which genres of music were the most popular amongst readers. After 361 votes the two clear winners were Rock and Metal, with Rock narrowly clinching the top spot.  It’s not all about amps cranked to 11 however, as Blues came in at a respectable 3rd place.

Popular Left Handed Music Style Genre

Hopefully you all found the results to be as interesting as I did. For the most part I found myself to be within the majority. How did you fare?  Leave your comments below!

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